Cost of Studying in South Korea

When applying to study abroad one of the important things the students consider is the cost they would have to incur to study in their desired country. The cost of studying varies and depends upon the location you choose and the type of course you select. The cost of studying in South Korea for students is comparatively cheaper than in other countries. Studying abroad can be an expensive affair so these are the things you should consider while estimating the total cost of studying in South Korea.


Tuition Fee

This is the most important thing to consider while estimating the cost of studying abroad. The tuition fees depend on the type of university you choose, private or public, private universities are generally more expensive than public universities and the type of course you select. Medicine, Law, courses like these are generally more expensive than courses like humanities and arts.


Approximate Annual Tuition Fee

Program Approximate Costs (per semester, in USD)
Associate Degree $1,500-$2,600 [Rs 106,000-Rs 184,000]
Undergraduate Course $1,600-$10,000 [Rs 110,000-Rs 710,000]
Postgraduate Program $1,100-$10,000 [Rs 78,000-Rs 710,000]



There are plenty of scholarships that are available for Indian students to study in South Korea. South Korea is aiming to increase the number of international students in their country and to achieve this they are offering various scholarships so as to inspire more students to apply in South Korea. Here are some of the scholarships you can consider:

The Undergraduate Korean Government Scholarship

  • Yonsei University Scholarship For Undergraduate Program
  • Global Korea Scholarship
  • GKS for ASEAN Nations
  • Korean Government Scholarship Program
  • Seoul National University Scholarship For Graduates And Undergraduates
  • Korea University Scholarship for Graduate and Undergraduate Program
  • GIST Scholarship
  • UST Scholarships
Scholarship Details
Global Korea Scholarship 1. For students enrolling in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
2. Covers Airfare, Medical Insurance, Living costs, Tuition Fees, etc.
3. GPA should be above 80%
4. Candidate should not be a Korean Citizen
GKS for ASEAN Nations 1. Offered in Science and Engineering programs
2. Should hold citizenship of one of the 10 ASEAN nations
3. Fluency in English/Korean
Korean Government Scholarship Program 1. Korean and Indian government partnership
2. Masters, Doctorate and Post-doctorate programs in the field of Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Korean Language, and International Relations


Most universities offer on-campus residence to international students which is a very affordable and convenient option but securing a place on campus is not an easy thing. You have to apply for it very well in advance. There are plenty of other options for students to choose from like sharing an apartment with other students or renting an apartment on their own. It all depends on the budget you have. Here is the cost for some of the options.

Types Approximate Costs (per semester, in USD)
Accommodation Dormitories: $600-$1,400 [Rs 42,000-Rs 99,000]2. Boarding House: $300-$600 [Rs 21,000-Rs 42,000]3. Rented Apartments: $300 [Rs 21,000]* The cost can further vary based on the city, single/shared rooms, and whether it includes food services or not.


Living Expenses

When studying abroad each and every student has to incur basic expenditure which should also be considered while estimating the cost of studying in South Korea. These expenses can be relating to books, food, clothing, insurance, miscellaneous expenses.

Types Approximate Costs (per semester, in USD)
Living Expenses $400-$500 [Rs 28,000-Rs 35,000]This includes transportation, food, medical insurance, internet, stationery etc. It can vary based on the city.


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