GMAT Exam Dates

GMAT Exam Dates


  • The GMAT is conducted at 39 test centres spread across 34 cities in India.
  • It can be taken five times in a year; can be re-attempted after 16 calendar days.
  • The total number of attempts for the GMAT in a lifetime is eight.
  • Unlike other entrance tests, the dates of GMAT exam are quite flexible. It can be taken throughout the year.
  • Test dates are available on all days, except Sundays. Before you register for the GMAT, you need to check the availability of seats at your preferred test centre.

While booking the test, please keep your university deadlines in mind because these scores need to reach your preferred B-school before or by the application deadline. Hence, while deciding on your test date, please keep in mind this time frame and leave enough window for the process to be completed before the deadlines.

How to Register for the Exam

You must register for the exam at least two to three months prior to your preferred test date. You can register a maximum of 6 months in advance. You can register for the exam in any of the following three ways:

  • Online: Create your account to register and finish the registration process
  • Phone: Make a call to the GMAT Customer Service for your region (Note: You may be charged an additional service fee of US$10.)
  • Postal mail: Fill out and send in the GMAT Appointment Scheduling Form. Please ensure that your details & documents reach at least 10 days before your preferred test date

Points to Remember

  1. Plan for the GMAT in advance keeping in mind your target and deadlines. This will help you choose the right date for the test and will also help you avoid unnecessary rescheduling of the test date later.
  2. Make sure your name mentioned at the time of registration matches with your name mentioned in your proof of identity.
  3. Please ensure that the GMAT test date & test centre you have mentioned while registration are correct.
  4. Pay for your exam by credit card or debit card, check, or money order. Only credit cards are accepted in India.
  5. Make sure your passport is valid and is not going to get expired soon. Entry to the exam centre will not be allowed if the passport is not valid.
  6. There should be enough time between your test-taking date and the deadlines for various B-schools you intend to apply. You might like to retake the test to improve your scores on the GMAT. Keep enough window for that too.
  7. You may reschedule the exam or change the test centre by paying a fixed amount of money. Visit for checking the latest fee. You must have more than 7 days in order to do so. Otherwise, you will have to pay the entire fee again.

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