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Ph.D. in Australia


Australia is the third most popular destination among students to pursue higher education. What sets Australia apart from other nations is the fact that 1/4 of Australia’s population is non­native, comprising of people originally from other countries. Australia’s multiculturalism is a distinguishing feature formed from a strong combination of various cultures. Also, being a secular country, it is open and welcoming to international students.

At present, ~600,000 International students from 140 countries have studied in Australia, as the country provides internationally well­renowned courses at all levels including the undergraduate, MS, PhD and MBA levels. Indians comprise the second largest group of international students studying in Australia.

Why pursue a Ph.D. in Australia
Pursuing doctorate studies in Australia offers a unique and eminent opportunity for studying abroad. Australia offers globally renowned and recognized programs, most accredited by AACSB and EQUIS. The cornerstones of Australian education are international quality and excellent job and internship opportunities, coupled with beautiful weather, making Australia a sought-after destination for pursuing doctorate studies.

• Students witness exemplary career growth and lucrative career opportunities.
• PhD students get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working on cutting-edge/capstone projects, as PhD programs are purely research based.
• Students are encouraged to think laterally by analyzing real-time scientific problems while participating in extensive peer-to-peer discussions and literature review sessions.
• Australian PhDs provides opportunities to specialize in diverse and unique subjects ranging from Anthropology to Marine Biology.
• With globally recognized universities and access to state of the art laboratories, Australia boasts the highest PhD completion rates.
• The highlight/advantage of being part of an Australian PhD program is that at the end of the program, there is no viva voce/oral defense examination.
• A PhD student in Australia experiences a diverse and international culture.

Prerequisites for Enrolment:
These criteria differ for every program and university.
• A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the specific subject of study from a well-recognized, accredited university.
• Applicants need to submit recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, research proposal and a detailed resume.
• For certain programs, applicants may need to clear an interview.
• Applicants also need to contact a potential supervisor, based on the research group and project they intend to join. Applications from international students may not be entertained if they have not identified a prospective supervisor.

Cost and Expenses:
The program fees/tuition costs range from AUD 14,000 to 37,000 per year. The average cost of living is AUD 20,000 per year. However, as an international PhD student, various sources of funding are available including Studentships from Australian Universities, Endeavour scholarships, and research training programs.

What are the English language requirements:


What are the Top PhD Schools in Australia?
There are different groups of universities that are well­known for doctorate studies.

1. The Group of Eight (Go8) : A coalition of eight top research­intensive universities in Australia. The Go8 comprise the most renowned, oldest and best ranked universities in the nation. Most notably, these universities always land in the top 100th places in every subject area; and in 2016 all eight universities secured a spot in the top 150 global universities. These universities are as follows:

• The University of Adelaide
• The Australian National University
• The University of Melbourne
• Monash University
• The University of New South Wales
• The University of Queensland
• The University of Sydney
• The University of Western Australia

2. Innovative Research Universities (IRU) – A collaboration of seven newly­founded universities, focussing on pioneering research work, teaching and research activities.

3. Australian Technology Network (ATN) – A group of universities dealing with and aiming to increase industrial and enterprise partnerships, along with establishing the Industry Doctoral Training Centre.

Visa requirements:
The visa application process is online and the document checklist, which varies for each program, is available on the DIBP website. This site mentions all the necessary requirements. Information is also available at the nearest Australian visa office.
• To be eligible for a student visa, an applicant has to first enrol in a full-time program registered with the Commonwealth Registry of International Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). In order to obtain a visa, the student must first enrol in a course of study that is listed on the CRICOS.
• After enrolment with CRICOS and payment of necessary fees, the candidate receives a Letter of Offer or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from the university.
• The applicant must then show proof of sufficient financial resources (~AUD 21000 per year) to support themselves during the course of the program.
• Health insurance.
• The Visa Application fee (AUD 560).

Work Permit:
• A PhD student can work for 40 hours/fortnight while the program is in session.
• During holiday/vacation time, a doctorate student can work for an unlimited period.
• After completing the PhD, the student can live and work in Australia for a minimum period of four years.



What are the prospective Career Opportunities?

• Graduates having a PhD from Australian universities are trained and coached to work as university professors.
• They are also recruited as researchers in various educational/technical or non-educational institutes, and/or in private or public organizations.

The Duration of the course:
Full­time PhD. programs are designed for three­five years of study

What are the Deadlines?
• PhD programs may begin at any point in time during the year. The applications can be made year round, but ideally the applicant should start applying at least four months before they plan to begin their doctorate.