Australian Student Visa Success & Rejection Rate in 2024


Australia continues to be a preferred study abroad destination for students looking for better academic resources, exposure, and career growth. Like the process of applying to an Australian university, getting an Australian student visa may seem overwhelming and a common concern among students is often about their Australian study visa success rate. Read on to learn further about the current trends in the Australian study visa success rate and the student visa rejection reasons in 2024.

Australia Study Visa Success Rate

The Department of Home Affairs states that compared to the overall Australian study visa success rate of 89.5% in 2020, students have witnessed more rejections over the last two quarters of 2023. In 2020, students from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America had the highest visa approval rates at 97.7%, 97.6%, and 96.7% respectively while students from Nepal, India, and Pakistan had the lowest Australian study visa success rate at 68.6%, 72.9%, and 73.6% respectively.

Country of Origin

A crucial point in understanding the Australian student visa success rate and student visa rejection reasons would be to look at the country of origin and the type of visa. Factors such as a study abroad aspirant’s financial ability and academic background and the potential immigration risks significantly come into play. For instance, per the new immigration laws, many Australian universities withdrew their admission offer, leading to almost one in every five visa applications being rejected. The new laws state that students need to provide proof of a better level of savings and improved English proficiency and complete the Genuine Student Test. These laws have particularly affected students from India, Nepal, and Pakistan, countries that have traditionally seen their students fly to Australia to meet their academic objectives.

However, in the face of such rejections, there have been concerns about the lack of transparency in the overall visa approval process. Some have stated that rejections are also based on the assumed disparity in job prospects between the student’s home country and Australia, as indicated by the applicants.

Type of Visa

There are three types of Australian student visa:

  1. Student Visa (subclass 500)
  2. Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590)
  3. Training Visa (subclass 407)

Student visa

As per the trend, in 2020, students applying to an Australian university saw a higher approval rate for higher education or subclass 500 visas which was at 90.6% than for a training visa or a subclass 407 visa which was at 87.6%. This trend primarily accounted for the fact that student visas are more valuable and typically have stricter requirements than training visas and hence, the higher approval rate.

Impact of COVID-19 on Australian Visa Success Rate

With COVID-19 affecting international travel, there was a notable decrease in the number of student visa applications for Australian universities and, consequently, a lower approval rate for Australian student visas in 2020. Nonetheless, as the world gradually recovered, the approval rate for Australian student visas has also gradually improved.

Changes in Immigration Policies

Immigration policies are regularly reviewed, updated, and changed by the Australian government and this greatly affects the Australian student visa success rates. Recently, in 2018, the Australian government brought in the Simplified Student Visa Framework that made the process of visa application easier, augmenting its approval rate.

Student Visa Success Rates for Australian Universities in 2024

Student Visa

With the Australian government eager to improve the number of international students in the country to 720,000 over the next 2 years, it may be assumed that the need for student visas will notice a significant rise during that time. At the same time, however, such goals are largely dependent upon the global political atmosphere and the ever-changing immigration policies. Hence, it will be difficult to provide an assured number for an Australian study visa success rate in 2024.

Thus, to conclude, the success or rejection rate of Australian student visas is influenced by several factors acting either in isolation or together. Students eager to apply to an Australian university need to be aware of the political climes, the immigration laws, and the visa laws among other related factors to ensure approval of their Australian student visa success rate 2024. Besides, getting in touch with a seasoned mentor can also help you make the right decision and arrange your documents accordingly to improve your chances of approval. Get in touch with our expert Admissions Counsellor at Manya Education Pvt. Ltd. to meet your academic goals and realize your dreams of graduating from an Australian university.

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Which factors affect the success rate of Australian student visa?

Factors such as political affairs and immigration laws can impact your chances of being approved for an Australian student visa. Besides, the country of your origin, the type of student visa, and the documents that you provide also affect the success rate of an Australian student visa.

What is the success rate of an Australian student visa?

The success rate for Australian student visas in 2020 was 89.5%.

What is the success rate of Australian student visa from students from India?

India continues to be a country of eager aspirants and has typically sent out eligible candidates to many noted universities including in Australia. However, over the last two quarters of 2023, there has been a decline in the success rate of Australian student visa for Indian students owing to the new immigration policies.

What are the types of Australian student visas?

There are three types of Australian student visa, namely Student Visa (subclass 500), Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590), and Training Visa (subclass 407).

Which Australian student visa has a higher success rate?

The student visa for higher education or subclass 500 typically has a higher success rate than a training visa (Subclass 407).

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