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One-year MBA Abroad

How to apply for Master's Abroad

One-year MBA Abroad

One-year MBA programs have been mainly popularised by European B-schools and are now being seen as a viable alternative to the two-year MBA such as programs offered in USA. It is basically an accelerated, full-time MBA program customised for experienced professionals. The one-year format is gaining immense popularity among Indian students.


Specific Features:

  • Designed for candidates having work experience between 2 and 16 years
  • Program enhances leadership skills, develops greater understanding of the nuances of accounting/finance/human resource management, builds network, and whets operational and business management capacity in candidates
  • Practice-oriented curriculum with a few electives and cross-functional courses, case studies, group discussions and presentations, projects, simulations, and conferences/guest lectures


One-Year MBA vs. Two-Year MBA

Duration Usually 9-12 months Usually 24 months
Eligibility/Work Experience 2-5 years 0-5 years
Cost 75% of the two-year MBA 25% more than the one-year MBA
Coursework Focus on foundational areas and specialist skills in domains such as finance, accountancy, etc Soft and leadership skills
Career opportunities Provides good vertical growth within an organization; good for candidates interested in entrepreneurship and family business as well Ideal for changing careers, horizontal and vertical growth
Internships Usually not a part of the program Yes


Post-One Year MBA career options: You can either join your previous employer at a better position or search for a higher position (such as CEO, Vice President, GM and Senior Manager) in the same sector but a different company. You may also join family business or start your own venture.


Admission Requirements

  • Minimum three years of work experience; average experience – 6-13 years ; candidates already working in senior managerial roles are preferred
  • Undergraduate degree is required; some schools prefer candidates who have good knowledge in quantitative areas or have a bachelor’s degree in business or economics
  • GMAT/GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores are required by most schools
  • Essays, resume, LoRs and interview are the other important requirements


Top B-schools offering 1-year MBA programs

  • IMD Switzerland
  • University of Cambridge (Judge)
  • SDA Bocconi
  • IE Business School
  • University of Oxford (Said)
  • Kellogg School of Management
  • Cornell University (Johnson)


To conclude, a full-time one-year MBA is not only a quicker route to leadership success but also brings real value for the investment made.