Profile Enhancement – MBA


MBA Abroad is a major and life altering career decision. Many times where Indian applicants lose out on not having a well rounded profile. Applying the same year you take your GMAT or thinking that taking profile enjancement services before preparing or writing the GMAT is a mistake many Indian students make. We have found that students who work on their profile and invest time and energy on it at least a year before they actually apply get better placements or are more likely to get placements in their target schools. Whether it is which companies to join for a fresher or it is which work profile to choose or gaining on site International experience or joining an NGO or enrolling for community service or embarking on an important journey of self discovery (professional) all are important decisions and steps in the profile enhancement process. With the rich and non paralleled experience of our admissions strategists, our clients develop their profile from at least a year before they actually apply for a Business Program.

Profile Enhancement is available for 2nd (Engg & Business, Arts & Science students) and 3rd (Engineering) year graduate students in colleges, and working professionals planning to apply after 2/3 years, and Fresh graduates looking to join MBA after getting 1 or 2 years of working experience.

The following services will be provided to students under this service including but not restricted to as well as not every point below may be relevant to the candidate:


the education system and admissions process of country interested in

Profile Enhancement

Different modules on:

  • Internships and how to make most of it
  • Enhancing academic profile
  • Class and university projects
  • How publications help and how to work on them (MS clients)
  • Social skills and soft skills enhancement
  • Community service and extracurricular activities

Career Enhancement – Diploma and degree courses recognized and what options client has

How to take standardized tests (GMAT, TOEFL/ IELTS/PTE)- Strategy, advice on test taking and registering tips

Networking – Prospective recommenders, professors (to avail TA/RA and scholarships) and potential companies

Importance of early applications

Application component –SOP, essay, resume building, financial documents, GPA conversion, WES and other external evaluation details

How to get a successful visa – Visa process and components

Specialization –which one to go for.