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Part-Time MBA Programs in India


There are approximately 4000 B-schools in India and many of them offer part-time MBA programs. In the last decade or so, B-schools in most Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities throughout the country have started providing part-time MBA programs – such is the popularity of this course. These programs are designed to cater to working professionals who do not wish to discontinue their employment while pursuing management studies.

Special Features

  • Part-time programs are characterized by their flexibility, however a few B-schools such as XLRI have a structured three-year part-time MBA program
  • Course duration is usually longer and ranges from three to five years
  • Classes are held during evenings and weekends to suit working professionals
  • Usually there is no set number of courses a student needs to take at any time
  • Admission requirements for part-time programs are not as competitive as for full-time programs
  • The programs focus on real-world learning; students are expected to apply their learnings at their workplace
  • Specialized part-time MBA programs are also offered, based on specific industry (e.g. supply chain or finance management), corporate position (e.g. executive), and business (e.g. Indian family business)
  • Due to its flexibility, course structure and duration, opportunities for peer learning and networking are considerably fewer compared to those for full-time MBA programs
  • Cost of the program is considerably lesser than a full-time program and spread out over a longer period of time; it can range from INR 300,000 to INR 400,000 on an average
  • Since most students are working professionals, many B-schools do not allow students to participate in on-campus career-related events
  • International candidates can also apply to part-time MBA programs in India, but in most cases such candidates need to appear for the particular B-school’s entrance examination


  • Since part-time MBA programs are designed for working professionals, B-schools expect work experience of two to five years
  • Some of the top b-schools, such as the IIMs, expect a GMAT and/or CAT/MAT
  • Many B-schools have a common written test (CWT), group discussions, and interviews
  • Some programs may require essays, resumes, and letters of recommendation

Top Part-Time MBA programs

IIM Bangalore

  • One of the best B-schools in India; offers part-time MBA
  • Course duration – three years
  • Class size – 150 students
  • Hands-on program encompassing case studies, discussions, papers, group projects, role-plays, etc.

XLRI Jamshedpur     

  • Offers one of the best part-time MBA programs in India
  • Class size – 60 students
  • The three-year course culminates into a Postgraduate Diploma in Management that is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  • The program focuses on applying classroom learning at work and in special projects, peer learning, and emphasizes learning in general management

Great Lakes Institute of Management

  • The PGPM Flex program is designed for working professionals and offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of pedagogy and course content
  • course duration – two years
  • The course content is similar to its full-time MBA program, but is taught in class during alternate weekends
  • The program allows students to present real-life challenges from their work and take the help of their peers in solving them

Post-program Prospects

Since the part-time MBAs in India are designed for working professionals, B-schools do not stress upon career-related events or facilities for these students. The core idea of the part-time MBA is to apply classroom learning in students’ current jobs and gain momentum in their current companies and career trajectories. Some employers still prefer a full-time MBA degree over a part-time degree. Students from family business backgrounds can particularly benefit from part-time MBAs that will allow them to make the most of their education and grow the scope of their businesses.
Knowledge of various aspects of management has become increasingly necessary in any role, in any industry. Part-time MBA programs are a great way to earn that knowledge without putting careers on hold or taking the risk of leaving a job.