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Master’s Abroad


Why a Master Program?

Completing a Bachelors Degree only provides an overview of the field but a Masters degree provides a detailed insight and specialization in the area of competence chosen by the student. In today’s world, having a Masters degree with the desired specialization gives the edge in the professional field. Besides the Master’s thesis also becomes a stepping stone for students who intend to move for further research.

Popular/Trending Courses

  • MS in Computer Science – Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Network Security, IT, Data Science, Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
  • MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering – Embedded System, Internet of Things, VLSI, Power System, Telecommunication, Digital and Analog Integrated Circuits
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering – Automotive, Manufacturing, Fluid Dynamic, Propulsion and Combustion, Material Science, Nano Technology, Mechatronics
  • MS in Industrial Engineering and Industrial System Design
  • MS in Biological Science – Microbiology, Cancer Biology, Toxicology, Immunology, Pharmaceutical Science
  • MS in Management – General Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics
  • MS in Public Health
  • MS in Economics – Game Theory, Econometrics, Developmental Studies, Population Economics
  • MS in Earth Sciences – Geology, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Renewable Energy
  • MS in Chemical Engineering
  • MS in Architecture
  • MS in Engineering Management
  • MS in Information System

Best places to study MS

  • MS in S.A – It is the most popular choice for students as it offers innovative course combinations, updated curriculum, a wide range of course choices and specializations, state of art infrastructure and excellent faculties. Many of the Universities have top world rankings. Research-oriented students have a chance to continue with further research under world-class facilities and faculties.


  • MS in K. – The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is probably the oldest study abroad destination. Retaining its glory, the universities have pioneered innovations over the years retaining its prominence in the global education system. The academic system is well accredited and accepts the Indian Academic System (10+2+3 system). Masters programs in the UK are mostly of 1-year duration thus cost-effective compared to other popular choices like the USA, Canada, and Australia.
  • MS in Canada – Canada is popular for the intensive research-oriented programs in the Universities. The academic standards are very high and the programs are cost-effective because of the moderate cost of living.
  • MS in Germany – Germany has become very popular over the last decade with highly rated Universities. Most of the popular programs being delivered in English, good research opportunities, subsidized Tuition cost and nominal living cost, makes Germany a very attractive destination for overseas MS students.


  • A Bachelor’s degree program from an accredited university having 16 years education (10+2+4) is preferred in the USA and Canada.
  • GRE score (in some business programs GMAT score as well) is required for making an application to the USA. Though not mandatory but some Universities in Germany, Singapore, and Canada also prefer a good GRE score for their Master’s’
  • A good English language test score like IELTS or TOEFL is a must. The qualifying scores may vary depending on the university and program.
  • Relevant work experience, Co-curricular or extracurricular activities and research orientation are also given due weightage while considering a student’s profile.
  • In some Universities, pre-application networking with the intended research group is recommended. In some programs, students do receive Interview calls as a part of the assessment process.

Career Options

Most Master degree holders take up relevant job options as per their area of specialization.  Students intending to move for Ph.D. complete their Masters Degree to develop in-depth subject knowledge and build on their research acumen.