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GRE Exam Dates

The GRE is conducted at about 1000 test centers in more than 160 countries. It is offered as a computer-delivered test year-round at most locations around the world and as a paper-delivered where computer-delivered testing is not available.

Be an early bird and book your slot.

But while booking the test, please keep your university deadlines in mind because these scores need to reach before or by the application deadline. After taking the test, you will have an option to accept or cancel the scores before viewing the scores. If you accept, the scores would reach the designated universities in about 10 to 15 days and then a further couple of days for the university to process them. Hence, while deciding on your test date, please keep in mind this time frame and leave enough window for the process to be completed before the deadlines.

There are no fixed dates for the GRE test as it is administered all year round. To check the availability of the test centers on your preferred dates, please visit this link:

View test centers, test dates, and seat availability

You can register for the computer-delivered GRE either online or via phone:

Register Online

  • Prior to registering online, please review the fee details as well as the policies and procedures for the GRE
  • You need to create an ETS® account to register for the test. Create an account using the same first and last name as it appears on your valid identification document which you will be using on the day of the test (For test-takers in India, a valid passport is the only valid identification document)
  • If there is a mismatch in case of your name, you will not be allowed to take the test
  • If there is a change in your name, you will have to submit appropriate documents to ETS
  • Check the availability of seats at your preferred center(s) at your preferred date(s)
  • Make sure your preferred test date is at least two business days before your actual test date
  • In order to register for the test, sign into the account using your credentials and book your seat
  • Use an American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or Visa credit/debit cards to pay your test fee
  • You will receive a confirmation email from ETS that will confirm your test choice, test date, test center, and score recipients.
  • People with disabilities or health-related needs cannot register online

Register by Phone

  • Make a call to the appropriate Regional Registration Center (RRC) at least two business days before the preferred test date to register for the GRE
  • Payment can be made using an American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or Visa credit/debit card
  • The Disability Accommodations on the ETS Website has all information for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs
  • In order to pay with a bank check or money order, you will need to get a GRE General Test Authorisation Voucher by mail

Points to Remember

  • The public sector banks of India are not authorized to pay for the GRE test, hence, you may use a Visa or Master credit card or a debit card from any private bank to pay for the GRE test
  • ETS may add or delete payment options at its own discretion and without notice
  • In India, only a valid Indian passport is considered as a valid identification document
  • A GRE score is valid for 5 years
  • A retest is possible every 21 days, but not more than five times in 12 months (this includes attempts where you canceled the scores)
  • You may also mention the universities that you want the scores to be sent to for free (up to four universities can be mentioned)
  • If you prefer sending the scores later or want to send scores to more than four universities, it can be done by paying an additional fee
  • Rescheduling or canceling can be done online or over the phone at least four days before the test date at an additional cost

Furthermore, Through your ETS Account, You Can

  • Access and use the free GRE Diagnostic Service
  • Purchase materials for test preparation
  • View all your scores
  • Receive text messages about your test and scores in addition to email notifications

GRE Search Service

This is an additional service that you can access through your ETS account. It is a database where you can add your profile for free and make it available for scrutiny by the Graduate and Business school recruiters who look for students eligible for their various programs. In case your profile matches their requirement, they might send you information regarding their programs, admission requirements, and scholarship and fellowship opportunities to help you pay for the tuition. You may sign up for this service both before and after the test.

For more information, you can visit the following link:

So if you are planning to study abroad at a dream university where the GRE score is accepted, then don’t wait for the last minute, but register online or by phone well ahead of time, to take the test at your nearest test center and give wings to your dreams.

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