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GRE Vocabulary

Are you taking GRE? Preparing for GRE is important if you wish to clear the GRE with a good score. The larger aim of the GRE verbal reasoning segment is to find out whether the test-taker is able to comprehend text with the quality discourse on various topics. An excellent vocabulary is indispensable if you want to do well in these tests. The verbal reasoning segment evaluates the test-taker using a reading comprehension test, text completion test, and sentence equivalence test. In order to score well on the GRE, you must know how to create your wordlist.

How to build GRE Vocabulary

Start reading books, newspapers, and magazines and content having a rich vocabulary, the mantra is the sooner you began the better it is. What matters is how much time you spend on reading and how dedicatedly you are doing it. However, if you have not been into reading much and have less time to prepare for your GRE vocabulary then here are some tips to help you:

  • Read, Read and Read:

If reading is something you have not been doing, then now it’s the right time to begin. The reading habit will stand you in good stead not only at the GRE but will go much beyond. Pick articles from The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Economist and if possible use these words for creating flashcards for practice.

  • Catch the meaning and context:

Once you have the word list then search their meanings in Dictionary such as Oxford Advanced Dictionary, Cambridge International Learner’s Dictionary, Merriam Webster, or Longman’s English Dictionary (online versions available). Remember that GRE tests you on the basis of how much you understand the context.

  • Memorize the words:

If you really want to memorize the meaning of words then the best approach is to follow the mnemonic strategy – for example, associating words with objects or images that will help you to recall the words and their meanings. You can use flashcards or can also study prefixes and suffixes and word roots with meanings so that you remember them.

We at Manya help you learn the ways in which you can memorize words. Ours is a Seven-way approach – the Context, Word-ingredients, and Memory-hook, Word-theatre, Examples, Word-constellation, and Related words. The Manya Vocab Builder is an online tool that will empower you with the ability to learn more than 1500 words associated with the GRE.

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