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Are you looking for GRE preparation in Jalandhar? Your search ends here! Manya – The Princeton Review’s GRE Classes in Jalandhar offer Guaranteed Score Improvement to students interested in taking the GRE. Manya students have received GRE scores of 310 or higher in the last 24 months.

Thousands of Indian students prefer our GRE coaching centers in Jalandhar due to their high-quality preparation materials, well-organized courses, and highly qualified and certified GRE instructors.

Our instructors are subject matter experts who have undergone rigorous Princeton Review certification training and a wealth of experience in order to teach you proper test-taking techniques and accurately pinpoint and correct your problem areas. Our instructors are experts in the unique Socratic teaching methodology, which encourages questions and discussions to effectively develop your capacity to think independently. Furthermore, the proprietary test-taking strategies have been developed over years of research and will help you with both question-specific and time-management issues.

Use Manya – The Princeton Review AI-Driven Portal to practice with mock tests that are identical to the real GRE test and include all of the real test’s features to achieve your target score. GRE preparation classes in Jalandhar are offered in both face-to-face classroom settings and live online sessions held on the Princeton Review portal and recorded for later reference. Your score is also our goal! As a result, prior to your actual test, we offer refresher sessions with Master Trainers to help you review the concepts you learned in class, Booster sessions with Master Trainers to help you boost your GRE score, and the GRE Practicum, in which we identify the topics you struggle with the most and assign experts to help you master those aspects.

We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and assisting you in reaching your objectives.

Manya – The Princeton Review GRE Coaching Jalandhar also offers online and offline delivery, as well as customized preparation options, allowing you to learn at your own pace. You have the option of attending live online sessions or classroom sessions.


Guaranteed Score Improvement on GRE Coaching

We compare the official test score you received after completing your program with us for the same test to your baseline starting score on the same test, which can be either:

  • Your most recent official test score received before beginning your program with us for the same test.
  • The score you received on your first practice test in your program with us for the same test.

The score guarantee corresponds to the highest score improvement possibility in the improved range, mapped from the lowest diagnostic test score obtained.

Diagnostic test score

(Timed Full-length test including Essays & IR)

Better Score Guarantee from Diagnostic to Actual test 
Less than or equal to 323 10-17
324-334 6-10
Greater than or equal to 335 1-5


Course Structure for GRE Exam Preparation

Section Questions Duration Score Range
GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) 1 section

(2 essays)

60 minutes

(each 30 minutes)

0 to 6 with 0.5 point score interval
GRE Quantitative Reasoning 2 sections

(20 questions in each section)

70 minutes

(each section 35 minutes)

130 to 170 with 1 point score interval
GRE Verbal Reasoning 2 sections

(20 questions in each section)

60 minutes

(each section 30 minutes)

130 to 170 with 1 point score interval
GRE Experimental Section 1 section

(either Quant or Verbal section)


(30 or 35 minutes)

Not scored


Our Focus – Your Score Improvement!

  • Before they can begin a multi-tiered academic enrichment program, our Manya – The Princeton Review trainers must go through a rigorous certification process.
  • Time-tested methods for increasing GRE speed and accuracy.
  • Personalized detailed score reports with answer explanations for each question are provided to ensure continuous GRE score improvement.
  • Manya – Princeton Review instructors are available until the exam is completed and even after the course is completed.
  • Intensive and advanced course content is provided based on the most recent GRE trends.
  • Manya – Princeton Review instructors have developed innovative strategies to help you complete Reading Comprehension questions in the shortest amount of time.
  • Manya GRE WordsApp is a free online tool that teaches you over 1400 GRE words in seven different ways.
  • Manya – Princeton Review instructors will provide you with free GRE Refresher sessions*.

Our Top GMAT Achievers

  • 770
  • Sooraj Kapur
  • Bengaluru | WHT181906E0023
  • 760
  • Jyotika Khatri
  • Gurgaon | GD4181901E0030
  • 760
  • Kunal Bhagi
  • Bengaluru | INR171807E00001
  • 730
  • Swapnam S
  • Bengaluru | YLK171810E0018
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