GRE Test Preparation

If you are taking the GRE for the first time, we recommend the following.

Personalize Your Practice

Take the free GRE diagnostic test at any one of our centers that are closest to your home, office, etc. This test will give you a fairly good idea of where you actually stand in terms of understanding content knowledge and time management. Ask our friendly instructors at the center to review the test along with you so that you know what went wrong!!

Get Familiar With The Questions

Forewarned is forearmed! Use the internet to understand the format of the test and of the types of questions asked on the quant and verbal sections of the test. Alternatively, you could ask the well-informed counselors at any of our centers for more information on the various sections of the test and the section-wise adaptive nature of the test.

Practice Makes One Perfect

So true!!! However, do not get burnt out! Make practice time into a fun time. For instance, verbal skills could improve tremendously if evenings are spent doing crossword puzzles with friends or playing hangman on your own. The trick is to learn words and remember them in a jiffy!!

Take Simulated Tests

A GRE test is a test of endurance. The makers of the test are testing your patience and not exactly your intelligence. So, it is all about giving simulated tests at regular intervals to improve your strength of endurance and your test-taking ability. Always take a test in the way it is administered, which actually means with all the sections attempted in the stipulated time and with the legitimate breaks availed.

Contact our counselors to know more about the GRE and take a free diagnostic test to get started on your GRE preparation.

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