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GRE Experimental

The world that we live in now is becoming more precise in data, and there is no way one can ignore the consumer behaviors on these big massive data. For companies, its consumers are the datasets that provide tons of data to implement a specific set of strategies for their upcoming products and services. Sounds familiar? GRE experimental section isn’t different either when it comes to data analysis. With several hundreds of questions created by the ETS every week, it is imperative for ETS to know how students worked on these questions to introduce them in the next test. While it may sound highly unfair from a student’s point of view that their mental capacity is being inundated with ETS’s additional questions that carry no marks, nothing could be done in this regard as the test company is very upfront about it. This even sounds fair too, because it’ll be a gigantic task for ETS to hire people to test different questions individually. So in short, an experimental section is a section that is conducted to test the significance of the prepared questions by the average number of test-takers across.

Different Sections on the Experimental

One of the most discomforting sections for any student in the GRE is the experimental section. We all know that students spend months preparing for this ambitious test; however, some students feel overwhelmed due to the experimental section. How does it feel when you are told that you work on all 20 questions in a section, and you performed well only to know later that there is no score for the attempted questions? Yet, ETS claims that this one section helps them in accommodating more tests in the future because the significance of the questions can only be determined by the real-time students in a real-time environment. The simple logic behind hiding this section amongst the real tests because it reveals the behavioral segments of the student while working on these questions, while ETS ensures that the new questions are on par with the difficult sections of the present GRE questions. Additionally, the only alternative to GRE experimental section is The GRE research section. The clear disparity between the GRE experimental section and the GRE research section is that the latter is optional while the former is not.

A vast majority of students will get either of the sections but not both. But, it’s always better to prepare for the worse and not expect any fair trials as they carry unnecessary perturbations.

However, there are certain things that, as a student, you should be aware of to avoid any uninvited doubts.

GRE Experimental Scoring Pattern

Section Questions Duration Score Range
GRE Experimental Section 1 section
(either Quant or Verbal section)
(30 or 35 minutes)
Not scored

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Experimental Comparison

Data Analysis Question GMAT MCQ-1

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About the GRE Exam


Can the experimental section be identified?

The experimental section cannot be identified: You will not be able to determine which section is experimental and not. 

Can we skip the Experimental section?

Well, for us to skip, we need to know which section is the experimental section and ETS do not reveal this at all.

How would you know that section is Experimental in the first place?

Just because you come across some unusual questions here and there, it must not motivate you to skip the section.

Is Experimental section computer-adaptive?

The experimental section is not a computer adaptive test, so there is a small hope that this test will not affect your real section.

What is the research section?

Instead of an experimental section, the screen shows the notification that it is a research section. Only in this case, you have the consent to skip it altogether. Else, do not think about it.

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