GRE Customized Live Online

Do you wish to ace the GRE? With Manya Education, you’ll be fully prepared for your test day and anything the GRE exam can throw at you. By combining a solid foundation in the core skills and knowledge required to ace the GRE, you will be prepared to solve the higher-level reasoning and interpretation skills and will be able to achieve the highest GRE score you can.

Manya’s GRE Customized Live Online program is designed to suit every lifestyle. Whether you are a corporate employee or a student, you’ll find a class that suits your needs at the comfort of your home. The course offered by Manya is like a GRE personalized online coaching; every lesson and question in this course is expertly gauged to match the edge of student’s GRE knowledge. This course is recommended for students who require focused and individual attention either on GRE Verbal or Quant section or both. During this course, students get 1:1 time with expert GRE instructors who provide them with step-by-step concept-building and problem-solving techniques. The course is like a GRE personalized online training and can be customized as per student’s need and performance in Manya’s GRE simulated diagnostic tests.

GRE Customized Live Online Offerings:

Tutoring Study Material Resources
Minimum of 20 hours The Princeton Review Manual for the GRE – In class material to learn techniques and strategies for both Verbal & Quant 8 computer adaptive-by-section full length practice tests. Interactive score reports for focused test review
15 hours of refresher sessions to recap the techniques and concepts before your actual test
8 hours * of hard questions online practice sessions to boost the score.
GRE supplement – for practicing harder GRE questions 180+ hours of online resources categorized as before class, in class, and after class assignments
Unlimited ask-an-expert The Princeton Review GRE flashcards – to build Vocabulary
GRE Word lists – Vocabulary practice on daily basis
153 videos and 3500+ practice questions
Syllabus-wise/subject-wise practice drills
6 months validity to the GRE course Exclusive Online Tools using the Princeton review Student Portal 470+ drills – different difficulty levels – using ‘Drill Smart’ Algorithm – drills are adaptive.

*Based on eligibility

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Focussed Preparation

Focussed and structured prep. Well defined Pre and Post class learning areas

Need Based Prep Options

Learn what you are weak at through our customized learning solutions

Engaging Trainers

Certified trainers with subject expertise and classroom management skills

Advanced Learning Portal

Built using advanced technology; our portal has everything you need for a great score