Manya Education GRE Vocab Builder

Manya Education’s GRE Vocab Builder gives you the most efficient ways to learn and revise the high-frequency GRE words. We have collated approximately 1400 words that appear most frequently in the GRE exam. These 1400 words are split into different word lists. The words in each list are divided into groups with similar meanings. Our adaptive GRE Vocabulary list, with nearly 1400 vocab words & roots, will prepare you for the Verbal Reasoning & Analytical Writing sections faster than you ever thought possible.

Vocabulary is one of the biggest and most important aspects of the GRE. If you are preparing for the GRE but are not so confident about the GRE vocabulary then you are at the right place! Manya’s GRE vocab builder powered by Membean gives you an opportunity to learn the GRE vocabulary and helps you memorize the GRE words easily. Improving your GRE vocab with our indispensable tool is easier than you think! Our tool will help you understand the important GRE words. It has good stuff, crystal-clear meanings, pictorial representation of words and much more. In addition, quizzes & rewards make mastering even the (toughest) GRE vocabulary simpler. Our GRE vocab builder is equipped with a calibration process that will start you at the right level based on your current vocab skills.

GRE Vocabulary Builder Offerings:

Tutoring Study Material Resources
Learn anywhere, anytime and at anyplace Visual and engaging content 1400+ Words
A memory engine Personalized word set 900+ Roots
Free access to our Manya Vocab experts Track your learning 8 engaging ways of learning each word
6 months of access to our online vocab portal Words across 5 levels 9 types of review questions

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