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GMAT Coaching in Guwahati at Manya - The Princeton Review

Looking for GMAT preparation in Guwahati? Your search ends here! Manya-The Princeton Review GMAT course offers a student-centered curriculum designed to focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses. The GMAT Ultima course is an exclusive blend of the requirements of an American standardized test and the unique needs of Indian test takers. Visit our Guwahati centre for more information:


Guaranteed Score Improvement on GMAT Coaching in Guwahati

  • Access to teachers till actual test taking, even after course completion.
  • Booster sessions at no extra cost to get you the 700+ score i.e. beyond the 90th percentile
  • Limited batch size and unlimited extra help
  • Personalized feedback on your test performance.

Online Resources

  • 100+ Basic, Intermediate and Advanced drills for comprehensive practice.
  • Online recordings to review lessons or make-up for missed classes
  • 10 full-length simulated tests with essay grading at no extra cost (Manya-The Princeton Review is the only test prep service provider that offers the adaptive by-question technology as used in the actual GMAT)

Course Variants

GMAT Ultima GMAT Customized Tutoring GMAT Excelerator Program
Most popular, most comprehensive Personalized/Premium Specialized course to get 700+ scores
63 hours of classroom coaching (30 hours Quant, 33 hours Verbal) One-on-one classes with a flexible schedule 20 hours of customized sessions
Weekday/Weekend classes 6 months access to Student Portal, including tests Advanced study material
6 months access to Student Portal, including tests 6 months access to Student Portal, including tests
Workshops for focused practice 8 hours of doubt clarification sessions
Unlimited extra help
Booster Sessions

Online Course Variants

GMAT Online GMAT Live Online
Prepare at your own pace Log-in to your classroom from anywhere
6 months access to Student Portal, including tests Real-time classes via whiteboard software
Flexible learning 63 hours of classroom coaching (30 hours Quant, 33 hours Verbal)
Support for 6 months from enrollment All features of the classroom course
8 hours of doubt clarification sessions 6 months access to Student Portal, including tests
Workshops for focused practice

GMAT Boosters

A unique component of our GMAT ULTIMA course is the BOOSTER session. If you are aiming for the top-scores, this component assists you to prepare for the GMAT with the only aim of scoring nothing below a 700+ score.

These are personalized sessions taken by the most experienced teachers to help you with the right guidance and mentoring in the final stages of your preparation for the GMAT.

  • You need to score a 600+ on any of the GMAT CATS Computer Adaptive Practice Test after the GMAT prep courses to be eligible /start preparing for GMAT Booster sessions.
  • Do not book your test date without consulting your Booster teacher. He or she will guide you as to when to book the slot. The more flexible you are with your timelines, the greater is the chance of you being the most prepared!

Focused Workshops

The GMAT Ultima course integrates 3 Verbal and 2 Quant workshops that help you review and practise strategies to further hone your GMAT preparation. Work on various difficulty levels and sets of questions with your faculty and give a step-up to your GMAT study plan.

Admission Sessions

Get off to an early start to your B-School application with these focused admission sessions during your classes –

  • Tips to apply overseas
  • Career goals
  • Niche and atypical MBA programs

GMAT is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which is not affiliated with The Princeton Review.

Rajgarh, Guwahati
3rd Floor, 230, Rajgarh Road, Guwahati-781003
Contact: 91-7896022232

Our Top GMAT Achievers

  • 770
  • Sooraj Kapur
  • Bengaluru | WHT181906E0023
  • 760
  • Jyotika Khatri
  • Gurgaon | GD4181901E0030
  • 760
  • Kunal Bhagi
  • Bengaluru | INR171807E00001
  • 730
  • Swapnam S
  • Bengaluru | YLK171810E0018
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Which coaching is best for GMAT in Guwahati?

Manya – The Princeton Review is your top choice for GMAT coaching in Guwahati due to our proven success, personalized approach, rich resources, and flexible course options.

What are the approximate fees of enrolling Manya – The Princeton Review GMAT Coaching in Guwahati?

The approximate fee for Manya – The Princeton Review GMAT Coaching in Guwahati is ₹39,998.00, which includes access to our advanced smart portal, provided by The Princeton Review, USA, known for its record of helping students achieve top scores. Join us to excel in your GMAT preparation at an affordable cost!

What are the different scores on the GMAT?

In your GMAT score , you will have an overall score, a subscore in your Verbal section, a subscore in your Quantitative section, and scores in your Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning sections. The overall GMAT score will vary from 200 to 800 and your subscores will be measured on a scale of 0 to 60.

How should I prepare for the GMAT?

Enroll in a reputed GMAT coaching such as Manya – The Princeton Review and start your right preparation. And to improve your score, target your weaknesses. Devote study time to every section, but you should spend the highest number of prep hours on the areas which you find challenging to deal with.

How long should I study to prepare for the GMAT?

Ideally, a student should study for at least 3 to 4 hours every day for the GMAT preparation. However, if you are a working professional or a college student and do not have much time during the weekdays, you may start by giving 2 hours per day to the GMAT preparation during the weekdays and more time during the weekends when you are relatively free.

What is the right time to take the GMAT?

Well, to know when you should be taking the GMAT, you need to research what is the application deadline for the course you are planning to take. Each course will have its own deadline and it will vary from course to course. Also, many schools accept applications in “rounds” that end in September for many competitive programs and others have application rounds in April or May. Be sure that you have enough time before taking the GMAT, this will help you to send your scores to the universities as per their application deadline.

How many times can I take the GMAT?

You can retake the GMAT up to 5 times in a rolling 12-month period and not more than 8 times in a lifetime. However, if you want to take it more than that then you can submit an application to GMAC. You must also understand that you should give a concrete reason; otherwise, your request will be cancelled. Also, if you score an 800 on the exam, you will not be allowed to retake the test for another 5 years!