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GMAT Exam Pattern 2023

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GMAT – A Computer Adaptive Test

  • The GMAT is a computer adaptive test used for admission to graduate management programs
  • It measures higher-order reasoning skills in both verbal and quantitative areas and also tests your analytical writing ability.
  • The Verbal and Quantitative sections on the GMAT follow computer adaptive testing (adaptive by question). The sections start with a moderate difficulty level question and as you progress through questions in each section, the difficulty level of the new questions will be based on your overall performance that far. If you answer questions incorrectly, the algorithm will recalibrate and present easier questions but if you show high accuracy, you will see harder questions. Out of the 4 sections on the GMAT, only Verbal and Quant sections are computer adaptive.
  • You cannot skip questions or go back to a question once you have submitted the response for that question.


GMAT Exam Structure

The exam is divided into 4 sections with a total time of 3 hours 7 minutes, plus time for check in. Let us have a closer look at basic structure of the GMAT examination.

Analytical Writing Assessment 1 Essay Topic Analysis of an argument 30 minutes 0-6
(in 0.5-point increments)
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions Multi-Source Reasoning,
Graphics Interpretation,
Two-Part Analysis,
Table Analysis
30 minutes 1-8
(in 1-point increments)
Quantitative 31 Questions Data Sufficiency,

Problem Solving

62 minutes 6-51
(in 1-point increments)
Verbal 36 Questions Reading,


Critical Reasoning,

Sentence Correction

65 minutes 6-51
(in 1-point increments)
Total Exam time 3 hours and 7 minutes, plus two optional 8-minute breaks.


Select Section Order

While the format of GMAT in terms of number of questions and total time per section is fixed, you can choose the order of the sections. You will have 3 section order options as given below and will get 2 minutes to decide the order in which you want to take the test. In case you do not select any option within 2 minutes, the original order (Section Order 1) will be automatically selected.


Section Order 1 Section Order 2 Section Order 3
Analytical Writing Assessment Verbal Quantitative
Integrated Reasoning


Quantitative Quantitative Verbal


Verbal Integrated Reasoning Integrated Reasoning
Analytical Writing assessment Analytical Writing assessment


It must be noted that there is no ‘best’ or ‘suggested’ section order to follow. You can choose the order of sections on the basis of your strengths, weaknesses, and testing preferences. No matter which section order you choose, the contents of the sections will remain the same.

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How many sections are there in the GMAT exam?

There are four main sections on the GMAT – Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

How many questions in GMAT?

There are four main sections on the GMAT – Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA or essay), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative Reasoning (Quant), and Verbal Reasoning (Verbal). The AWA section has one essay prompt that requires the student to evaluate an argument. The IR section has 12 questions. The Quant section has 31 questions while the verbal section has 36 questions.

Is the GMAT really a necessity for MBA applications?

If you are considering an MBA from the USA and Canada, a GMAT score is a necessity for applying to most universities. Top B schools around the world (Europe, Australia, Singapore, etc.) also require a competitive GMAT score. A good GMAT score can set you apart from other applicants.

How many times can I take the GMAT?

You can retake the GMAT up to 5 times in a rolling 12-month period and not more than 8 times in a lifetime. However, if you want to take it more than that then you can submit an application to GMAC. You must also understand that you should give a concrete reason; otherwise, your request will be cancelled. Also, if you score an 800 on the exam, you will not be allowed to retake the test for another 5 years!

How many times can a candidate appear for the GMAT Exam?

You can retake the GMAT after a gap of 16 days, up to 5 times in a calendar year. There is also a lifetime limit for each person – you can attempt the GMAT only 8 times. You can retake the GMAT Online (at home test) once (a total of 2 online attempts). You can retake the online exam after 16 days and the online exam attempts are counted in the lifetime limit on the number of attempts.

Which is the Best GMAT preparation company?

Manya Princeton Review offers well-researched content and practice material, experienced trainers and proven strategies and techniques – all of which have helped many students ace the GMAT. At Manya, you can also select the format of the course that works best for you- self prep, classes, individual tutoring, or blended learning (self-prep and tutor guidance for doubt clarifications).

What do I need to bring on my GMAT test day?

On GMAT test day:

  • You need to carry currently valid ID proof. For the test centre administration, only passports are accepted as valid ID proof. For the GMAT Online exam, Aadhar cards and passports are accepted.
  • Printout of appointment confirmation letter/email.
  • Cellphones, watches, calculators are not allowed in the testing room but can be stored in the locker provided. Food and drink are not allowed, without pre-authorization from GMAC.

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