GMAT Vocabulary

GMAT Word Problems: Basic Approach

How does the GMAT test vocabulary?

Are you preparing for the GMAT? Do you find it difficult to deal with the vocabulary section? Let us try to understand the GMAT vocabulary better. The very first thing you need to know is that the GMAT does not test you on vocabulary directly. You need to have strong reading, writing, and communication skills to ace the test. Be sure that you won’t be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of highly sophisticated vocabulary, so you don’t need to worry too much about memorizing the GMAT vocabulary. What you need to have is a good knowledge of high-school and college-level English vocabulary if you really want to ace the verbal section.

How to improve your GMAT vocabulary

Even if you find it challenging to master the English language, still, there are ways to improve your language and ace the vocabulary. Let us find out how.

Read stories that grab your attention

Reading stories is one of the best ways to improve your proficiency over the language. But for that, you need to first understand at which level you should start. Start by identifying your current reading level to determine what you should start reading first. However, there are many reading level assessments available, so choose and refer to the one whichever works the best for you.

Make the best use of your flashcards

Using Flashcards for improving vocabulary is a convenient way to approach your GMAT preparation. If you find that flashcards suit your learning style, make them work a little better for you. Try out replacing the dictionary that means important to you. You can also include your friends, family and personal occasions as this will help you to respond and remember the vocabulary better.

Hope this will help you prepare for the vocabulary section on the GMAT. Wish you happy learning!


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