About the GMAT Exam

About the GMAT Exam


Latest Updates on GMAT Exam

There is a latest updated announced by GMAC on the GMAT Online Test

The GMAT online exam will no longer be limited to two attempts per candidate. The 5 attempts per rolling 12-month period and 8 attempts overall for the GMAT will be applied to the online attempts.

5 free score reports are available with the GMAT online test. Once the official online exam results are available, you have 48 hours to use the 5 free score reports. For US$35 each, additional score reports can be purchased.

GMAC has announced the acceptance of the Aadhaar Card for the Online GMAT Exam: GMAC the official administrator of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) has announced that the Aadhaar Card will be used as a valid ID proof for the GMAT online exam starting April 8, 2021. However, during the registration process, the aspirants would be required to validate their identity using their Passports or the Aadhaar Card. To make the GMAT 2024 more accessible to a larger student base, GMAC has taken this initiative.


About the GMAT Exam and Why is it Required?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is designed to assess the skills of students applying to MBA programs or MS in finance related courses. The exam tests writing, analytical reasoning, verbal, quantitative reasoning and reading comprehension skills of the candidate in standard written English.

Admission requirements for more than 1500 graduate business schools worldwide include GMAT scores. The test is computer-based. However, the paper-based system is still used in some remote areas. GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) designs and conducts the GMAT exam. It establishes what abilities are measured by the GMAT and how those abilities can be assessed. It determines the GMAT format and the structure of the test questions.


Why Take the GMAT Exam?

It is a standardized test widely accepted for MBA admissions worldwide. As per GMAC, globally 9 out of 10 enrollments are made through the GMAT score. Further, 2300+ schools, for admission accept the GMAT scores. Also, in 114 countries there are 650 testing centers that administer the GMAT exam.


What is GMAT Used For?

The majority of business schools take the GMAT as a criterion to determine if you have the abilities required to succeed in their business programs. Your good score in the exam increases your chance of being admitted to the business school of your choice by demonstrating that you are able to study the demanding material in an MBA program.


GMAT Exam 2023: Key Highlights

Exam Name GMAT
GMAT full form Graduate Management Admission Test
Official Website https://www.mba.com
Most popular for MBA courses outside India
Also accepted for
  • MS courses outside India
  • MBA courses in India
Conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)
Mode of Exam Computer-based adaptive test
GMAT fee US $275 (INR 22,800 approx)
Score Range Min 200, Max 800
GMAT Contact +91 120-439-7830, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indian Standard Time

Fax: +91-120-4001660.

Email: https://www.mba.com/service/contact-us.aspx


Computer Assessment

GMAT is a computer adaptive test. The questions on a computer adaptive test are not predetermined. Before posing the question to the candidate, the exam determines whether it is of an adequate level of difficulty.

The first question you will see, for instance, will be of average difficulty. If you respond correctly, the following question will be a little trickier. If you choose incorrectly, the question will be easier to answer. For the second, third, and subsequent questions, the same algorithm is set.

You are not allowed to return to the question you previously answered since the test is computer adaptive and the level of the subsequent question is determined by your response. Your score is not determined solely by the quantity of correct responses. More GMAT points are awarded for difficult problems than for simpler ones.


Executive Assessment

GMAC administers the GMAT assessment exam for EMBA programs. Executive MBA is referred to as EMBA. For working individuals who wish to advance their managerial and leadership abilities but do not want to significantly alter their career path, an EMBA is a short-term program. The EA exam is called a mini-GMAT. The Integrated reasoning portion of the EA exam is more suitable for experienced candidates.



The main distinction between the two exams is that the GMAT is considered by business schools as part of their admissions process, but the GRE is used for getting admissions to a variety of graduate programs.

According to the test takers, GMAT has more quantitative problems than GRE, and GRE has a higher level of English language. However, for both disciplines, interpretation skills vary from person to person, so before selecting one, you should check with the institute you are applying to.


GMAT Online

The unexpected COVID 19 pandemic outbreak has impacted the GMAT exam procedure since several testing facilities had to close internationally in order to stop the virus’s spread. GMAC has launched GMAT online, the remote version of center based test,in response to this unusual circumstance. You may take the test from the convenience of your home using the online format, which supports your application objectives.

The majority of the GMAT online exam’s elements are the same as those of the traditional in-person test. Here are the ones that are different, though:

Number of Attempts: You are allowed to retake the in-person exam five times a year, but only twice for the online exam.

Canceling the Score: For the online exam, this option is not accessible, but it is for the offline test-center exams. So that you may verify your score before sending it to the schools while using the online mode. Based on the results of the online GMAT exam, you can choose the colleges of your choosing.

Fees: Everyone must pay a sum of $250 USD registration fee to take the GMAT online. Nevertheless, depending on your location and currency, the fee may change if you want to take the test at a test center.


Eligibility Criteria for GMAT Exam

GMAC, the organisation in charge of administering the GMAT exam, has not established any specific eligibility requirements for taking the GMAT. However, after taking the GMAT, applicants must always meet the requirements set by the university or college they aspire to get into.


GMAT Age Criteria

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • There is no maximum age for the applicant.
  • The candidate must have a written consent from their parents or legal guardian if they are between the ages of 13 and 17.


Educational Qualification

  • Regarding the requirements to take the GMAT, GMAC has not made any formal announcements.
  • Candidates for an MBA program should hold a graduate degree in any field from an accredited institution.


GMAT Syllabus

The GMAT is 2 hours and 15 minutes without breaks or tutorials and has a maximum score of 805 points. The GMAT tests a candidate’s skills across a range of parameters. The GMAT exam syllabus has three sections in total:

Data Insights – measures candidates’ ability to evaluate the information presented in multiple formats after analyzing the data.

Quantitative Reasoning – measures aspirants’ ability to draw conclusions using reasoning skills after analyzing the data.

Verbal Reasoning – measures a candidate’s ability for reading and comprehending written material, analyzing arguments, and editing written material to adhere to standard written English.


GMAT Exam Pattern

See the table below for GMAT exam pattern and duration.

Section Number of Questions Duration Question Types Score Range
Quantitative Reasoning 21 questions 45 minutes Problem Solving  

(on a scale of


Verbal Reasoning 23 questions 45 minutes Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning


(on a scale of



Data Insights 20 questions 45 minutes Multi-Source Reasoning

Graphics Interpretation

Two-Part Analysis

Table Analysis

Data Sufficiency

(on a scale of




GMAT Exam Fees

The GMAT exam fee is $275, which is roughly equivalent to 22,800 INR. Also, there will be an additional fee if the applicants want to switch the test location or reschedule it. Candidates who fail to appear for the exam will be charged the full GMAT exam fees.


GMAT Cancellation Fee

You will be charged $200 and receive a $50 refund if you cancel the exam between 1 to 14 days prior to the test date. If you cancel the exam 15 to 60 days before the scheduled appointment, you will be charged $175 and receive a $75 refund. Also, you will be charged $150 for the test and receive a $100 refund if you cancel more than 60 days before the scheduled appointment. In addition, the test appointment cannot be changed or canceled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled test and time


GMAT Rescheduling Fee

You must pay US$150 to reschedule the exam 1 to 14 days prior to the test date. Also, you have to pay US$100 if you wish to reschedule the exam 15 to 60 days before the scheduled appointment. You have to pay US$50 if you reschedule the exam more than 60 days before the test date.


GMAT Exam Policies

To improve the exam environment and protect the integrity and security of the test, GMAC has set particular standards, including exam regulations and procedures. Your participation might be canceled if you don’t follow any of these rules. Before preparing, make sure to check the test center and online exam policies of GMAC before your exam. These are certain rules you must follow in order to take the exam.

  • Books, calculators, notes, brochures, mobile phones, stopwatches and other electronic devices or testing aids are not permitted in the testing facility.
  • Throughout the exam, you are not permitted to remove the erasable notice boards from the testing room. You must turn in your completed test to the administrator after finishing it.
  • Bring the proper ID proof with you. Because they vary depending on where you reside, it is essential to research the ID requirements in your country.

While attending the online exam:

  • During the exam, make sure nobody else is in the area or comes into your room.
  • Before the exam starts or you take an optional break, and before the exam is over, you must totally erase your whiteboard and expose both blank sides to the camera.


GMAT Exam Dates

Candidates can take the GMAT at any time of the year. Although it is always good to check the test centre availability and regional holidays for the same. Once you’ve taken the GMAT, you’ll need to wait 16 days before taking it again. Read more at GMAT Exam Dates to see how many times a person can take the GMAT exam in a year.


GMAT Test Centres

You should look for GMAT test centers that are close to your home and are also simple to get to before signing up for the exam so you can go there early on test day. Only designated Pearson VUE test centers across the world are authorized to administer the GMAT exam. All of the states in India have GMAT exam centers. There are many GMAT test locations in all the main cities, including New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Cochin, Pune, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata.


GMAT Registration

According to GMAC, you can register for the GMAT entrance exam up to 6 months before the exam or at the latest, 24 hours before the GMAT exam date 2023; nevertheless, a spot is not available at the last minute. Therefore, it is advised that you book your preferred time slot well in advance of the planned exam date.

You can register for the GMAT exam 2023 in various ways:

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Postal mail

There are six steps to register for the GMAT and also different steps for the GMAT schedule. You can read the complete steps for GMAT registration.


GMAT Scores

There are 2 types of GMAT scores, the unofficial scores and the official scores. The unofficial scores are the scores which appear after you finish your test at the center. These scores are just for the student’s reference and should not be used officially anywhere. The GMAT test scores range from 205 to 805 and are given in multiples of 10 like 710, 720, and so forth. The GMAT results are released within 3 weeks of the exam and these are considered to be the official scores and can be used for admission purposes.


GMAT Score Calculation

The total score is reported on a fixed scale which are each of your 3 GMAT scores i.e. 3 GMAT sections. These are your official GMAT scores that appear on your GMAT score report. The selected recipients will receive these official GMAT scores.

The GMAT Score Report comprises of these elements:

  • Your Verbal Score (60-90), with percentile
  • Your Quantitative Score (60-90), with percentile
  • Data Insights Score (60-90)
  • Your Total GMAT Score (205 – 805), with percentile


GMAT Score Range

Section Score Range
Data Insights 60-90
Verbal 60-90
Quantitative 60-90
Total 205-805


How to Access GMAT Score Report?

Candidates receive their official scores via a link on their registered Email ID from GMAC. Follow the steps mentioned in the Email and with the help of the link given, candidates can check the Official GMAT score report.


GMAT Score Validity

The GMAT scores are valid for a period of 5 years. Hence, the candidates should keep a check on the application deadlines of the various universities and schedule their GMAT exam accordingly.


GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools

You may apply to the best business schools in the world based on your GMAT cutoff scores. The typical GMAT scores needed to get accepted into the world’s best business schools are listed below:

Business Schools Average GMAT Score
Stanford University 732
Yale University 724
Columbia University 732
Harvard University 730
University of Pennsylvania  732
University of California – Berkeley 726
University of Chicago 731
Northwestern University 732
MIT, Sloan 728
Dartmouth College 722


GMAT Colleges

Over 2400 business schools throughout the world offer more than 7700 programs to GMAT candidates. In addition, major business schools like Harvard, INSEAD, and Stanford accept GMAT scores of at least 720. Furthermore, in order for students to be qualified to submit GMAT scores, management institutions need to provide degrees to them. One of the most crucial considerations in the whole application process for admission to prestigious business schools throughout the world is GMAT scores. More than 110 countries throughout the world recognise the GMAT. In addition, applicants aiming for universities that accept both GRE and GMAT scores may additionally need to convert their results using the GRE to GMAT score conversation method.


When is the GMAT Result Available?

Just after finishing the GMAT test the candidates receive almost the entire score report except for the AWA Score. The students will have an option for rejecting or accepting it. The candidate and the institutes of choice cam view the result in the case of accepting the result. Whereas, none of the parties will be able to view the GMAT result if the candidate declines the results. Candidates can download the non official GMAT results once the exam is over. The official GMAT score report is released within 20 days of giving the GMAT exam including the AWA score.


GMAT Scholarships 2024 for Indian Students

To fund their study abroad courses, Indian students can apply for GMAT based scholarships. Universities with various management programs offer scholarships/grants based on the student’s GMAT score. These scholarships either cover the partial or the complete tuition fees. Below are the few parameters for the GMAT scholarships:

  • Need-based (for students from less privileged backgrounds), merit-based (for students with excellent academic scores or achievements in extracurricular activities), diversity- and gender-based, and external scholarships are the three main categories of the GMAT scholarship programme (by agencies and organisations.)
  • There are specific eligibility criteria, application deadlines, etc. for the GMAT scholarships.
  • A high GMAT score alone won’t guarantee you a scholarship because the student’s professional and personal background also matters.

Many programs and top universities offer scholarships for Indian students. Below is the list of scholarships which are based on the GMAT score:

University Name Scholarship Name/Type
Harvard University Need-Based Scholarship
Columbia University The McGowan Fellowship
The University of Chicago Booth
  • The Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship
  • Akshtari H Tobaccowala Fellowship
Dartmouth College Need-Based Fellowship
Saïd Business School Need-Based Fellowship
London Business School Need-Based Fellowship
Oxford and Cambridge Society of India OSCI SCholarship for Indian Students
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Need-Based Fellowship
INSEAD Need-Based Fellowship


How to Prepare for the GMAT Exam

A clear understanding of the test format, structure, and related requirements will go a long way in setting up the required action plan, so the importance of this step should not be underestimated. Go to the official website for the GMAT, and know the demands of the test. Other than the concepts tested on the GMAT, you must have a clear understanding of the scoring process and the adaptive features of the test.


Take a Diagnostic Test

Before gearing up for the GMAT, take a diagnostic test and assess your strengths and weaknesses. This full-length GMAT diagnostic test will help you understand the real test conditions and the score obtained will act as a benchmark on the basis of which you can evaluate your performance in the future. Unless you know your initial level, you will not be able to gauge how effective your GMAT preparation plan is. You can schedule an appointment for the GMAT online diagnostic test by calling at a Manya – Princeton Review center near you.


Get the Resources in Place

Undoubtedly, there is no dearth of GMAT preparation material online as well as offline but remember, the quality of study material will, to a great extent, decide the improvement in your scores. GMAT preparation material should be well researched, updated as per the latest trends, and must provide you with a mix of content matched to the real exam and required test-taking strategies. GMAT Official Guide is one of the top recommendations as it comes from the makers of the test and has a good pool of questions with detailed explanations.


Work on Fundamentals and Basic Concepts

A thorough analysis of your diagnostic test will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and will help in laying out an effective study plan. You may need to hone your reading skills for Reading Comprehension, review fundamental math skills such as algebra or probability, and revise grammar rules tested on the GMAT. Your GMAT prep plan should help fill the gaps in your knowledge and must incorporate not just practice questions but also online drills and timed tests.


Learn Techniques and Strategies that would Help You Score Better

It’s not just enough to learn the fundamentals and the basics, you must also learn some techniques and strategies – such as the ones taught in our courses – that would help you score better. It’s important to use these techniques and strategies while practicing solving questions while taking practice tests, and while taking the real test.


Take Tests Regularly

Other than the concepts in Verbal and Math, you also need to prepare yourself for effective test-taking. Time management, pacing and test-taking strategies must be worked upon to ensure improvement in score. Set tangible goals and markers, take simulated tests and evaluate your performance periodically.


Learn How to Manage Stress

While one way to manage stress is to prepare well, there are other ways such as simple breathing exercises that also can help you manage stress while taking the test.

The GMAT is definitely not an easy test but an effective prep plan will prepare you for the challenges of the test and will take you closer to your dream score. So, set up your prep plan now and get ready to nail the test.


GMAT Books

The GMAT is meant to pick out the brightest brains who continue their education at reputable universities. You must do well on the GMAT exam in order to obtain an outstanding score, which can only be accomplished through thorough planning. The following list of recommended best GMAT books will help you get ready for the GMAT exam:


GMAT Official Guide 2024

This is GMAC’s official guide to the GMAT. There are questions on every level, but the simple and medium ones are the most frequent. There are 2000 actual GMAT test questions in this series. Moreover, it provides an online question bank where candidates may design unique practice sets.


Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide Set

The GMAT syllabus is broken down in 10 volumes, or eight strategy guides, with each book focusing on different areas, such as analytical reasoning, integrated reasoning, or mathematics. You will also have a year’s worth of access to online resources and practice exams. You may improve your skill set to perform extraordinarily well by reading these books. Reviewers find Manhattan’s study materials and guides to be the finest for preparing for the GMAT. The solutions to practice questions are fully explained as well.


Kaplan GMAT Complete 2022 – 2023

Kaplan book has received favorable reviews and test-takers ratings. These books include practice questions for all ideas and question patterns, along with in-depth explanation of the answers. It has 6 practice examinations and more than 500 online quiz banks that enable you to choose from different topics and levels of difficulty. The questions in the books are more difficult to answer than those in other GMAT preparation books.


Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course

The Veritas Prep GMAT set is for those who want to understand each subject in depth. Also, the practice questions included in the books are challenging in addition to being original. One of the setbacks is that there is only one full-length online practice exam provided, as opposed to several practice tests provided by other publishers. Even though Veritas has hundreds of practice questions available online, candidates can use these to improve their score.


PowerScore Verbal Trilogy Bible

There are three GMAT Verbal books in the pack. Those are sentence correction, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. It includes idea files and explanations along with a breakdown of the techniques employed. Its primary drawback is the absence of any practice questions. Thus, you can get this if you wish to learn the fundamentals of the verbal segment. You can purchase each book separately as well.


Strategy for Preparing for GMAT 2024

To achieve an 805 on the GMAT 2024 test, candidates must follow the proper technique. Determine what you consider to be a decent GMAT score before you begin to study strategy appropriately. In order to prepare for the GMAT exam in 2024, candidates can also review the GMAT sample paper. Begin by reading the GMAT official Handbook (GMAT OG). You can choose the GMAT Official Guide since you need to be familiar with the GMAT questions from previous years and the official GMAT study materials. So, be sure that the GMAT Official Guide serves as the foundation of your study plan.


GMAT Prep Tips 2024 for Each Section

Quantitative Section: The quantitative section evaluates the candidates’ foundational mathematical abilities.

Verbal Section: The Verbal section evaluates candidates’ reading and comprehensive skills.

Data Insights Section: The Data Insights section evaluates a candidates’ aptitude for analyzing data offered in various formats from many sources.

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Is GMAT paper-based?

The GMAT exam is not paper-based. It is a completely online exam and is adaptive. You can choose to take the exam at a nearby test centre or take the exam online from the comfort of your own home. To view the list of test centres, to check the exam time slots available in each test centre, or to check the system/room requirements for taking the test at home, visit mba.com.

Is the GMAT exam tough?

The GMAT is a standardized test. This means that the types of questions, duration of sections and the content tested are all predictable and standardized. The content on the test includes high school-level math and verbal reasoning concepts. The types of questions and time available for each question make GMAT competitive. Once you understand the basics of the concepts tested and practice in a smart way using reliable material, you can do well on the GMAT.

How can I prepare for the GMAT online?

There are many options available for online GMAT courses. If you can prepare by yourself, you can choose a self-preparation course. If you require trainer support, then you can choose between attending online classes or selecting a separate tutor for yourself. At Manya, you also have the option to choose a blended program involving both self-prep and trainer support.

Can I crack the GMAT exam in 1 month?

The GMAT is a standardized test. This means that the types of questions, duration of sections and the content tested are all predictable and standardized. Depending on your initial starting score and target score, it may be possible to “crack” the GMAT in a month with efficient practice and reliable material. However, if your current score is very low and/or your target score is high, then more time and effort will be required.

How long should I study to prepare for the GMAT?

Ideally, a student should study for at least 3 to 4 hours every day for the GMAT preparation. However, if you are a working professional or a college student and do not have much time during the weekdays, you may start by giving 2 hours per day to the GMAT preparation during the weekdays and more time during the weekends when you are relatively free.

Which is the best online GMAT course available?

Manya Princeton Review offers well-researched content and practice material, experienced trainers and proven strategies and techniques – all of which have helped many students ace the GMAT.

GMAC, the owners of the GMAT also provide free sample questions and paid practice material on its website mba.com.

Do schools like Harvard prefer GMAT or GRE?

Many universities prefer the GMAT over the GRE for MBA program applications, though a GRE score is also acceptable. Both GRE and GMAT scores are accepted for many Master’s programs all around the world. For competitive programs, other parts of your application such as your resume, essays, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, etc. are also very important.

Is IELTS difficult or GMAT?

IELTS is a standardized test that only to judge one’s ability to speak the English language in native English speaker countries. Whereas the GMAT is a common MBA entrance test that required pursuit and specialization in one particular subject.

Well, if someone wants to study abroad for MBA then might be required to give IELTS exam, But generally, the GMAT is a lot harder than IELTS.

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