GMAT Examination Fees

gmat exam fee

GMAT Examination Fees

The GMAT is an important pathway to pursue a management degree in one of the top business schools, globally. So, if you are planning to take the GMAT it is essential for you to know everything about the exam and one of the most important things is to know about the exam fees.

The exam fee in India and US is $275, but this is not the only cost you will incur as there are other services such as cancellation, rescheduling, ESR, and additional score reports that are chargeable. In fact, the exam fee is not constant everywhere, it varies based on your location also.

For instance, the GMAT exam fee in India is approximately INR 23,000, whereas in UK it is approximately £225 and in a few European Countries, it is $285.

Through the course of this article, you will learn how much the exam actually costs including every service.


The GMAT Exam Fees in India

The exam registration fees in India is approximately INR 20,000. However there are other costs that are associated apart from the registration fees. Below is the breakup of the total cost that you might have to incur.

Fee Category Fee Amount
GMAT Registration Fee Approx INR 23,000
Score Cancellation Fee Approx INR 2,100
Additional Score Report Approx INR 3,000
Rescheduling Fee Approx INR 4,600 (60 Days Before the Appointment)—Approx INR 10,000 (15-60 Days Before the Appointment)— Approx  INR 14,000 (14 Days Before the Appointment)
Cancellation Fee Approx INR 9,200 Refund (60 Days Before the Appointment)—Approx INR 6,700 Refund (15-60 Days Before the Appointment)—Approx  INR 4,600 Refund (14 Days Before the Appointment)

*Depending on the exchange rate at the time of registration, figures might vary


Five Score Reports

When you apply to any Business school, it will not accept your self-reported GMAT score. You must request GMAC to send your GMAT score report. If you are taking the test at the test center, you can choose up to 5 programs to which your scores will be sent. These 5 score reports are included in the USD 275 GMAT exam fee. If you want to send additional score reports later, you can order them at a charge of US $35 per report.


Fee to Reschedule or Cancel the Examination

The fee for rescheduling or canceling the exam is same for both GMAT Online and GMAT test at the centers.

If you have registered for the GMAT but feel that you will not be able to take the exam on a given date, you can reschedule or cancel your GMAT exam for a fee. The fee for reschedule depends on the number of days left from the date of scheduled appointment. It varies from US$ 50 to US$ 150.

In case you decide to cancel a scheduled exam, you will get a refund. It, also, depends on the number of days left from the date of the scheduled exam appointment. It ranges from US$ 50 to US$ 100.

Remember that your appointment cannot be rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. If you do not reschedule or cancel your exam more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time, the entire exam fee will be forfeited.


The fee to Cancel or Reinstate a Score

On the day of the GMAT test, as soon as you complete the test, you will see your score and will have 2 minutes to decide whether to keep the score or cancel it. If you cancel at that time, you can reinstate your score within 4 years and 11 months at a cost of US$ 50. If you do not make a choice within 2 minutes, your scores are automatically canceled. If you accept the GMAT score at the center, you can cancel it within 72 hours at a cost of US$ 25.

You will be able to see the Unofficial GMAT scores immediately after taking the GMAT Online, but the option of canceling the scores will not be available.

Fee for Additional score report and Enhanced Score Reports

After the GMAT exam at the test center, you can order additional score reports at a cost of US$ 35 per report. For US$ 30, you can order the Enhanced Score Report. This enhanced score report provides a detailed analysis of your performance and can help you understand your accuracy in different question categories, strong and weak areas, and pacing. The option of ESR is not available if you take the GMAT Online.


Payment Methods

The recommended method for booking a GMAT appointment is online registration. You can pay by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB) or Debit card (Visa or MasterCard only) that allows international transactions. However there are few points that you should keep in mind:

Your appointment will be cancelled automatically in case, any of your cards are declined, and you will be required to book other slot with a valid payment mode.

If you use any fraudulent cards, your registration will be cancelled and in fact your previous GMAT scores may get cancelled, if any. GMAC will inform the authorities at b-school about the same.

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What is the GMAT exam fee?

It is $275.

What is the GMAT cost in India?

The fee for the GMAT registration in India is $275 which is approximately around INR 20,519.81. You will need a credit card to make the payment and hence, you will be paying conversion charges additionally.

How to reduce the GMAT cost?

GMAC offers fee waivers to help economically disadvantaged individuals. You cannot apply directly for the fee waiver. Your school (Undergrad/ Business School) will have to request for the fee waiver on your behalf and after getting permission from GMAC, the school may choose students at their own discretion for the fee waiver or reduction. The school is allowed to apply for a maximum of 10 fee waivers within a 12-month period.

What are the GMAT Registration and Rescheduling Fees?

The GMAT registration fee is $275. You can reschedule your exam using your GMAT account on mba.com after paying additional fees. You cannot make changes within 24 hours before your exam appointment. If you reschedule

– more than 60 days before your appointment, the rescheduling fee is $ 50

– 15-60 days before the appointment, the rescheduling fee is $ 100

– 14 days and less before the appointment, the rescheduling fee is $ 150.

You can also reschedule your exam over the phone, but this will cost an additional $ 10.

How to calculate the total cost of taking the GMAT?

The cost of taking the GMAT is $275 unless you decide to apply for the ESR report which costs $30 or you retake or reschedule the test.

How many business schools should I apply for with GMAT?

The GMAT registration for the test at the test center allows the candidate to send score reports to up to 5 B-School programs for free on the test day. The names of the B-schools need to be selected before starting the test. You may send your score report to more B-schools by paying $35 for each report. Whereas for GMAT Online exam (Home testing), the candidate may send the score reports to unlimited B-schools free of cost after receiving the official score report.

Now to answer the question, it would be a good idea to curate a list of at least 2 Dream, 2 Reach, and 2 Safe schools while applying to B-schools. You can adjust this number up or down as needed, but you should send college applications to a few schools from each category. Applying to a range of schools will ensure that you set ambitious goals and give yourself some backup options where you know you can be happy and successful.

Talk to your counsellor and craft a balanced list of schools in order to have a less stressful application process. You must select schools that are well within your admission and financial reach.

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