GRE word list

To score high on the GRE verbal section a strong vocabulary is absolutely necessary. You do, however, need to focus your time and energy on learning high frequency words that GRE tests rather than learn lengthy GRE word lists. At Manya-The Princeton Review, GRE vocabulary is taught with the help of scientifically-designed mnemonic-based flash cards that help you segregate words according to color and connotation. The rationale being that colors reflect the mood and tone of the word. For instance a word such as noxious is depicted as a ‘red’ word, which suggests a negative tone and meaning, on the other hand a word such as halcyon is depicted as a ‘green’ word and the explanation is that the color green represents life and fecundity and therefore a positive meaning. The flash cards’ color and other associations make both learning and remembering words easier.

Many students make the mistake of memorizing the dictionary meanings of words for the GRE. What is required for the GRE is vocabulary in context - as you need to be familiar with not just the primary meanings of words, but the context in which the meaning is tested. In addition to flash cards Manya-The Princeton Review’s Supplement to the GRE manual has an exhaustive GRE word list. The words lists also give you secondary meanings of relevant words, to enable mastering multiple meanings of words. The ‘vocabulary in context’ drills in the Supplement also help you in building the required skills for the Verbal section

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