GRE Online Practice Test

GRE Online Practice Test

Kick start your GRE preparation with a GRE online practice test at Manya - The Princeton Review center close to you. This GRE online practice test will give you an idea of how you'd score on the actual test. After the GRE online practice test, we'll give you a detailed performance report with personalized tips on how to improve your score on your GRE.

   Multi- stage adaptive testing

 The GRE has two verbal sections and two quant sections that are section adaptive. To get a good score on the test it is recommended that you get maximum questions correct in the first section.

A good performance on the first verbal section, for example, will ensure a higher level of difficult questions on the ensuing verbal section. In this way, the scoring engine adapts to test taking proficiency and merits the student who has answered maximum number of questions correctly in both the sections. Similarly, the Quant sections are also adaptive-by-section.

Practicing for the GRE with relevant GRE online practice tests can help you understand the format clearly, and reviewing one section at a time will help you to achieve the best GRE score. Our GRE online practice test is followed by a detailed score report that gives crisp explanations on what went wrong and how the question needed to be answered.

GRE sample papers

At Manya- the Princeton review, you get access to an online portal for the full period of 6 months starting from the time of enrollment. The portal is a one-stop solution for all your queries on how and what to prepare for the GRE. There are more than 90 Quant and Verbal drills to help you assess your performance and pace your GRE preparation accordingly. The online portal also gives you access to 8 full-length mock tests that you could take at prescribed intervals to measure your progress from the diagnostic score onwards.

  Take a GRE mock test today

Students who want to take a GRE mock test can call any of our counselors at our Manya centers and book a time slot for themselves. The online GRE mock test is of 2.5 hours and it is recommended that you attempt all sections.

Call our toll free number 1800-102-4646 or register on form given above.