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About the GRE Scholarship Test 2018

Manya-The Princeton Review proudly announces the GRE Scholarship Test for study abroad aspirants. Planned across the nation, the GRE Scholarship Test will give thousands of students across India a unique opportunity to know their national rank among peers via a proctored GRE test.

Test Highlights 

  • Give a paper and pen based test
  • Know your rank among peers
  • Get a personalized score report


Test  Structure 

Test briefing and distribution 15 minutes NA NA
Verbal Reasoning Section 45 minutes 30 130-170
Quantitative Reasoning Section 45 minutes 30 130-170
Total 90 minutes (excluding test briefing and distribution) 60 260-340
  • The test will have four different versions to ensure fair practices
  • Both Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections will have a mix of easy, medium and hard questions (1/3rd each)
  • No Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section


Terms and Conditions*

  • Only those students who enrol with us and satisfy the scholarship requirement will be eligible for the scholarship by way of getting a waiver on the coaching fees.
  • If two students have the same score then the scholarship will be given on First Come First Serve Basis depending on the scholarship eligibility
  • Students who are enrolled for GRE test prep with Manya before 1st August’18 are not eligible for the scholarship
  • Prizes/scholarships are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives for non-cash prizes
  • By participating in this event, all the participating students and schools consent to be bound by the decision of Manya-The Princeton Review
  • If any of the participants is found to have violated the rules(s) thus gaining an unfair advantage in the event or having won using fraudulent means, then such participants shall forthwith be disqualified
  • Where the outcome of the event is the result of a human error, intentional or otherwise or the result of a faulty mechanical device or the result of failures of any kind beyond the control of Manya-The Princeton Review, the latter reserves the right to terminate this contest or make such other decisions regarding the outcome as deemed appropriate
  • If any student has not provided the complete details in the answer sheet then the application will stand cancelled.

*Manya-The Princeton Review reserves the right to alter these terms & conditions in exceptional circumstances


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the GRE Scholarship Test?

  • The GRE Scholarship Test conducted by Manya-The Princeton Review aims to provide students with an opportunity to avail scholarships for their study abroad dream. (*GRE® is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Manya and GRE Scholarship Test’18 are not affiliated with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), creators of the GRE® exam.)


When will the GRE Scholarship Test 2018 be held?

  • Please visit to get the details or check with your nearest centre.


Where and how can I register for the GRE Scholarship Test 2018?

  • Students can register online on our website at


Can I take the GRE Scholarship Test 2018 online?

  • No, this is a paper and pen-based test.


What will students get after appearing for the GRE Scholarship Test 2018?

  • Students get the opportunity to win scholarships for GRE Test Prep offered by Manya-The Princeton Review. For the scholarship details please check with your respective center.
  • All rank holders will receive a certificate
  • Every participating student will receive a certificate of participation