Top Tips for Analytical Writing

The following tips can help one score a good grade in the Analytical writing section.

1. Clarity of Thought: Being clear and composed in one’s mind about what they are thinking and how they aim to thoughtpresent it is the first and foremost step in drafting a good essay.

Structure2. Structure: Drafting a well­ structured and a well­ formatted essay helps the reader understand one’s viewpoint. An essay that is presented well makes it interesting and easier to read. Each paragraph should address a particular idea/ theme and the transition from one paragraph to another should be clear.

3. Words: The usage of appropriate vocabulary is essential to convey the right meaning. It is not important to use difficult, complex words but simple, proper words that match the context.Words1

4. Sentences: These should be well­ structured and grammatically correct. One should avoid writing sentences that convey the same meaning as this makes the essay boring and monotonous to read. The structure of the sentences should also be varied.

5. Logic and Conviction: The essay can only convince the reader if it is logically sound and is backed by proper Logicdata/ evidence. Sentences and claims that do not make appropriate sense tend to make the argument weak. A well­ reasoned essay is a strong essay and when the thoughts of the writer are well­ connected to the central idea of the topic, the reader finds it engaging to read the essay. Also, supporting the essay with either direct or indirect evidence helps to convince the reader.

6. Grammar: The heart of a good, well­ drafted analytical piece lies in the fact English-Grammarthat the essay is grammatically free of any error. Using the wrong grammar, poor sentence structures and inappropriate vocabulary makes the essay weak and the writer can be penalized heavily.

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