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The demand for international education has reached its zenith and is being availed by numerous students every year to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. There are ample opportunities for Scholarships for Indian students who are planning to take their big step towards their higher education and enhance their technical as well as overall development. While we discuss education abroad, it is also inevitable that we note that it is quite expensive. Therefore, we are discussing at length the availability of scholarships and their prerequisites for international applicants.


Recognizing the Environment

It is crucial that we acknowledge the global learning scenario before we dive into the intricacies of education. Considering global prospects, different countries like the USA, UK, and areas of Europe have specialized programs designed for international students and often keep restrictions on different levels. Along with the opportunities provided by them, it is also imperative to note that the programs can be quite expensive. These countries have access to scholarship policies and funding for students but we need to have a deeper idea about the protocols regarding the same. We also have Canada and Germany which you can find through the tags of scholarship for Indian students in Germany and scholarship for Indian students in Canada, respectively.

The governments come together for bilateral scholarship agreements for Indian applicants and provide a chance for multiple funding resources. Some of the noteworthy ones are the Fulbright, DAAD, and Chevening awards. Apart from these, another reliable source would be the Oxford Scholarship for Indian Students.


Searching Scholarship Options

Researching the available opportunities for students abroad is the first step towards the study abroad journey. You should be aware of the scholarship prerequisites for your chosen country and the information related to them. Organizations such as the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) both provide several scholarship options for Indian students. Likewise, Associations like the Fulbright Commission in the US and Chevening in the UK are best known for their fiscal aid to Indian students. You can also perform a key search on scholarship for Indian students in USA and if you are looking into Asian countries, preferably Singapore, then the Singapore scholarship for Indian students can be a good point to begin with.

Students who are planning to study abroad are eligible to receive scholarships along with other financial aid from both government and private agencies. A few notable ones would be the Inlaks Cornell University MBA Scholarship and the Shivdasani Foundation. Candidates who wish to avail scholarships from these resources should gauge their eligibility and fulfill the application criteria as desired.

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Technology’s Function

The advent of technology has made life simpler and more so in using it to academic advantages. Technology helps students connect online and avail opportunities that would otherwise be possible only for native people. Nowadays, it is the best possible source to list down the potential network channels through which you can apply for scholarships and access your options carefully.


International Networking and Alumni Associations

Networking and creating a global relationship are crucial nowadays. The more academicians that you can connect to, the more it will benefit you in terms of securing information that could otherwise lead you nowhere. The alumni network for any potential school is one such resource where you can potentially enquire about the scholarship prospects and even ask for resources. Most often, these are the best reliable sources through which you understand the nuances of the process and can decide accordingly.


Exposing Encyclopedically to India’s Talent

A matter of pride would be to promote your diverse cultures abroad. And, this is what the universities abroad look for too. With the culture of embracing diversity, Indian applicants often get a chance to showcase their talents based on which you might be offered sponsorship for your academic endeavours. Based on their requirements on a global platform, you can be one of those lucky candidates whose talent supports their academic careers.


Developing an important Portfolio

Your profile is your strongest asset. Therefore, you should be very sincere in curating a draft that shows your profile in a manner that makes you stand out. Ensure that you list your achievements in clear and concise points, without the need for bragging. You should show them your activities undertaken that can prove your eligibility for the programs applying for. Therefore, a CV/resume is a crucial draft for you to secure a Scholarship based on your performance to date.


Mentoring and networking

Your network abroad is one of the most underrated factors that should be kept in mind. The more you use the opportunity to take mentorships from your professors, get in touch with alumni members, and maintain a productive communication channel, the more you will realize that there are innumerable knowledge sectors to familiarize yourself with that can result in your academic growth.

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Academic Prowess and Adulterous Conditioning

The Admissions Committee prefers students with a good academic track record. Your scores on the GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. give them a reflection of your academic prowess and help you distinguish yourself from others. Therefore, it is essential that you procure scores that provide you an edge over others.

The schools refer to your CV/resume for a holistic approach to a profile. Students who have been part of extra-curricular activities or volunteering activities are often preferred for numerous scholarships and ensure that their talents are put to use.


Write a Strong Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement

Whenever you think about studying abroad, you also have to think about showcasing your profile in a certain manner clearly stating your interests, achievements, projects, coursework taken, and your industrial exposures along with future goals. This is a document that acts as a testament to your profile and gives the Admission Committee a glimpse of your academic and professional career, highlighting your expertise.

The Personal Statement, on the other hand, is a document that has to be written utilizing personal undertones and should have your motivations, challenges, background, and future plans mentioned. This document is often a reflection of your choices and the reasonings behind them.

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Recommendation letters

Recommendation letters are yet another requirement that is required for your application. You must secure two letters of recommendation as a rule and in a few cases even three. This acts as a security document supporting your candidature by your recommenders/supervisors who have worked with or observed you closely.


Interview medication

Your application abroad will require you to prepare and be confident about several investigative rounds. One such round would be your interviews with the Admission Committee. Once selected, you have to be present there and answer the relevant questions asked in support of your candidature. Therefore, all your documents and necessary details should be updated and true to their potential so that you are confident about the whole process.

As an Indian student seeking a scholarship, this round often decides your fate and is a test for your eligibility. If they find you as a worthy candidate and your profile impressive, you may be one of the chosen candidates. Further, this process generally involves a lot of preparation and therefore you should seek the help of mentors, supervisors, and admission experts to further help you with the process.


Getting Through the operation procedure

It is important to keep a check on the deadlines and track your potential admits. This will be beneficial for you to apply for scholarships through external resources and help you prepare in advance. Most scholarship organizers will require the full details of your program, proof of admission, and many other documents that you should be ready with before you approach them. Always update yourself on the process and secure a scholarship as per your profile.



This article discussed the availability of the scholarships and the prerequisites to apply. You must be familiar with the rules and application criteria as per your selected scholarship resource. Most importantly you can also look for scholarships for Indian students in your desired country and get used to the processes involved in availing them. You can treat this article as a handy material to refer to whenever you consider applying for scholarships.

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