What is an LOR?

LORs (1)LORs or letters of recommendation play a vital role in introducing a candidate before the admission committee of overseas colleges; validating their abilities and adding key insights about their character, thus making them appear as the appropriate fit for the course. LORs are written from a third person’s point of view who knows the candidate well owing to their position of authority. It states the nature and duration of association and may or may not be written on the official letterhead, depending upon the university selected.

LORs can be academic or professional, depending upon the candidate’s association with the recommender. Academic LORs are typically written by subject teachers or professors who know them for atleast 6 months/a semester but can also be drafted by academic counselors or the school principal (in case of undergraduate students). However, sports teachers, music teachers, and librarians, etc. are not eligible (unless the subject selected by the candidate is related to it). Such LORs highlight their educational interests, behavior, positive academic traits, zeal, and leadership qualities.

Professional LORs can be written by the candidate’s seniors in the organization, under whom they have worked for more than 6 months. Such LORs can also be written by a client with whom the candidate has worked for more than 6 months. In certain cases, professional LORs can also be procured from the organization that the candidate has interned from, provided the internship is for a period of 6 months or more. Professional LORs focus more on their organizational achievements, innovative solutions, contributions to the organizations and management capabilities.

Universities usually require a mix of both academic and professional LORs when the candidate has professional experience. However, the number of LORs may vary from university to university. LORs are preferably written within 350-450 words unless specified otherwise.

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