IELTS 1 on 1

Secure admission in top university with our comprehensive IELTS 1:1 prep. Manya Education extends the finest IELTS prep classes, university selection & admission guidance, visa counselling, scholarship details and much more. Join us for result-driven preparation and IELTS curriculum coverage, intensive IELTS study material, rigorous practice & doubt clearing sessions, etc.

Are you looking for IELTS personal training? Great! Manya Education’s IELTS 1:1prep program is the best solution meant for those who need that extra hand-holding and undivided attention. It is most sought after and benefited by those who want to get IELTS personalized coaching or don’t find batch-based learning suitable. The course is carefully structured in consultation with the Cambridge University Press to meet the specific needs of Indian students. During this program, students get exclusive face time with exclusive IELTS instructors who provide them with step-by-step concept-building and problem-solving techniques. The course is a unique, student-friendly, and trustworthy 1:1 program.


IELTS 1:1 Offerings:

Tutoring Study Material
11 hours of instructions from Certified Trainers Cambridge official guide for IELTS
A range of essential skill-building exercises and focus on exam strategy Unique Workbook for in-class practice to give you that extra edge
Customized study plan Free assistance in IELTS registration
12 months of IELTS course validity Support in sending official scores to universities/colleges

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