How to Improve IELTS Reading Score


The International English Language Testing System, or the more famously called IELTS tests the overall English language skills of the candidates who take it. With the effect of the pandemic, like any other preparation, IELTS also has moved online and the IELTS preparation online is the best to help you with your reading skills. The following are the Top 10 Tips for IELTS Reading.

Know the Exam before You Start

The IELTS exam pattern involves thorough and in-depth testing of the reading skill, in one hour with 40 questions on 3 or sometimes more passages, the reading section of the IELTS is a formidable section in terms of difficulty next only to the writing section. It is even more difficult for the academic test takers as the paragraphs are seen to be rather complex in comparison to general test-takers, but the general candidates are required to get more questions right in order to get the same grade as the academic candidates. In any case, the Reading section requires a lot of skill, practice, and timing along with exposure to a varied range of texts.


Exposure to Topics

The IELTS reading section has no IELTS syllabus as such, it is a mixed bag of random topics, which sometimes might scare the candidates. Topics like biological aspects of space technology might not be the friendly passages for many. Hence it becomes important to get accustomed to a wide variety of topics. IELTS online course is the best strategy to tackle this problem, it provides you a diverse range of topics to practice on rather than fixed offline courses where the diversity factor is minimum.


Practice Reading for the IELTS

The often misunderstood and misinterpreted advice of reading for the exam is even more misunderstood in the case of IELTS. While it is a great thing to have a reading habit, it has to be fine-tuned for IELTS. If one carefully observes one can see that IELTS has a standard paragraph format of passages, with a proper introduction- body-conclusion. One must gain the skill to read and grasp such information within less time.



One has to remember that there is no extra time or “transfer time” in the reading section like one has in the listening section. You are free to mark on the paper, make notes but the answers have to be written on the answer sheet within the one hour itself. For this, reading specific timed online IELTS classes become more important, they test you in the one-hour time frame to fine-tune your timing skills.


Go All-in

IELTS reading exam pattern is designed in such a way that no answer is awarded any negative, in effect, there is no penalty. So, in a case where you can’t pinpoint an answer to any part of the passage then you should guess and move on. This will give you a higher probability of scoring.


Instructions are as Important as Answers

IELTS reading test comes with specific instructions for every section, like ONE WORD, ONE WORD AND A NUMBER, ONE WORD AND/OR a NUMBER, etc., and breaching the instructions by even a single word or a number might render even a correct answer wrong. Hence, pay sufficient time in understanding the instructions and one should get as much practice with such questions as one can.


Extract Meanings Contextually

It is virtually impossible for anyone to memorize all the words of the English language, the diction of the language is vast and widespread. However, most of it can be absorbed from the context in which it was written. Hence, a candidate must use this to his/her best advantage. Online classes give you a range of materials where you can practice the ability to grasp the meaning from the sentence.


Order of Questions vs Order of Answers

A frequent mock test taker should be well versed with this trick, the order of the answers in the passage follows the order of the questions, they are aligned in order, most of the time. One should be careful enough to understand this order and optimize his/her time while searching for the answers.


Author’s Opinion

For questions that ask you to follow the writer’s opinion, the famous skim and scan technique might not work. In these cases put the effort into deducing the passage’s opinion from the introduction and the conclusion. And keep an eye out for the shift in tone or language because IELTS is known to pack surprise punches sometimes.


Mocks before Anything and Everything

It is an unsaid but accepted fact that the more number of mocks a student takes the more his ability to tackle all kinds of tests. Hence, take as many as mocks as possible. Online preparation and online classes give you more mocks than any offline coaching, make the best use of these online coaching packages.

IELTS is a comprehensive test and Manya – The Princeton Review is the best player providing the best IELTS online course. All the best!

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