Why Is Studying In Australia A Good Investment For Your Future?

Why Australia?

Australia appears to be at the top of a list, followed by Ireland and Germany in most favourable destinations for study abroad chosen by Indian students. It’s becoming one of the most popular study abroad destinations after the United States and Great Britain for international students. The country attracts millions of students from across the globe for undergraduate courses and provides successful career opportunities after graduation. It’s a multicultural English-speaking country that takes care of student safety as a priority. There are great possibilities that students could find work while studying in Australia.

Universities in Australia

Australia is a home to top ranking universities and carrying a high quality of education. The country offers Scholarships and Internships for international students on the basis of merit and scorecard. A large number of Research Intensive Universities is among the major reasons behind the popularity of this great country. Here’s a list of top universities in Australia that has global recognition:

  1. University of Sydney
  2. UNSW Australia
  3. RMIT University
  4. Macquarie City Cam
  5. Victoria University Sydney Campus
  6. Australian Catholic University
  7. Charles Strut University
  8. Curtin University Sydney Campus
  9. The University of New Castle
  10. Swinburne University Of Technology
  11. Latrobe University
  12. The University Of Western Australia
  13. Deakin University
  14. University Of Tasmania
  15. Carnegie Mellon University
  16. Queensland University Of Technology
  17. Griffith University
  18. Central Queensland University
  19. Bond University
  20. University Of Wollongong
  21. University Of Western Sydney
  22. University Of South Australia
  23. Murdoch University
  24. Monash University
  25. Macquaire University
  26. University Of Canberra
  27. The Australian National University
  28. MIT Melbourne Institute of Technology
  29. Navitas Australia
  30. Study Group Australia

List of Popular Undergraduate Courses

The top ranking universities in Australia offer undergraduate courses in Accounting, Animation or Design, Architectural Studies, Business Administration, Building and Construction Management, Commerce, Cookery related courses, Carpentry or Wall and Floor Tiling, Design, Engineering, Management, Mass Communication, Media and Communication, Marketing and Advertisement, Psychology, International Business, Creative Writing, Tourism and Hospitality

What is the minimum IELTS Score requirement for studying in Australia?

6.5 no band less than 6 for undergraduate or masters

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What is the minimum tuition fee in Australia?

For undergraduate courses: 13500, -15,000 Aus $/year

For masters: 12,900-40,000 Aus $/year


Getting into a college of your choice can be a tough task, but with the right guidance, you could reach sooner to your dream college in Australia.  For more information, connect with the admission experts.


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