Checklist: 6 Things to Do Prior To Begin Your Study Abroad Journey

Going to your desired university will be a time full of excitement and anxiety about completing a lot of preparation before leaving for your study abroad journey. Here’s a checklist for study abroad students that serves its purpose by covering significant tasks which one needs to undertake prior to beginning one’s journey.

Paperwork should be in order

Make certain that all the paperwork should be handy and completed related to your student visa and university admission. Also, check your passport validity. It’s crucial to make this arrangement prior to booking your tickets as it could leave your departure in a hustle and bustle situation.

Currency Exchange

This is another important thing that you need to take extra care of as no one wants to land in a country without having the local currency to manage daily expenses. Locating a local currency exchange service in a new country could be difficult for you. Most probably, you may find currency exchange service at the airport but doing it in advance can help you manage your time efficiently.

Sort your accommodation

In most cases of study abroad for foreign students, accommodation is sorted within the university premises and included in the admission fees. However, if you are not taking the university accommodation then start doing thorough research to find out the best options available nearby the university.

Buy course book

Most likely, there will be a lot of course material and stationery that you would love to buy before going to your university abroad. Buying it from the local vendor is a good decision as you will get it at lesser pricing and also there will be a number of books that might not be available in the country where you’re going for your study abroad journey.

Health insurance & immunization

It’s the most advisable thing to do before leaving for a new country. Get your health insurance and immunization done.

Safety is first

Another important thing to do is to register your name with the country’s external affairs ministry at www.mea.gov.in prior to start your journey. By doing so, you will be receiving security alerts and notices before and during your study abroad trip.

This checklist comprises of all important things to do and will help you in your smooth travel. Have a successful study abroad journey!

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