Professional Master’s Degree

Professional Master’s degrees are highly focused on vocational training that prepare students for particular careers. You have a range of such degrees to choose from specialised Master’s programmes in Engineering, Fine Arts and Psychology to Master of Social Work (MSW).

The Master’s in Social Work (MSW) Degree:

• Qualifies you to become a registered social worker
• The duration of this course is about two years, although there are a few part-time options as well.
• Though they may be labelled differently in each country, all countries offer this programme; for example, it is called Master of Social Work (MSW) in North America whereas in the UK it is called MA or MSc in Social Work.
• This course doesn’t require an undergraduate degree in a related field – you may be an undergraduate degree holder in any field and just want to start a career in social work or other fields like counselling.
• In order to enrol into this course, you need a Bachelor’s degree in any field and some prior experience (at least six months) in social work: like being a part of community groups, some volunteering experience, mentoring someone etc.

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The MEng and other Engineering Master’s Degrees:

• The most sought after degree, a Master of Engineering (MEng) is a highly specialised Master’s degree in Engineering that will qualify you to become a professional engineer and these programmes are mandatorily accredited by official bodies.
• In most cases, MEng degrees are offered by Universities of Applied Science or Universities of Technology which concentrate highly on technical and professional training.
• In a few cases, an MEng student is required to undergo work-based training for a certain period before being awarded full accreditation.
• PhDs in Engineering are available but an MEng is considered the terminal degree which is ample qualification to work as an Engineer.
• There are also four-year integrated MEng degree programmes available in some countries which begin at the undergraduate level.
• Master’s in Engineering is offered in almost all subjects from Civil and Construction Engineering to Chemical and Molecular Engineering and requires the applicant to have an undergraduate Engineering degree in a related field.

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree:

• The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is a postgraduate degree programme that concentrates on practice-based learning of Arts and Design
• While there is a Master of Arts (MA), it is an academic programme offered in arts, humanities and social sciences subjects whereas an MFA is purely dedicated to the learning of skills in creative arts
• An MA can be followed up with a Ph.D. whereas an MFA is a terminal degree
• To enrol in this course, you need to have both academic qualifications and practical ability
• An undergraduate degree in a related field is a requisite
• If your undergrad is not in a related field, then you need to demonstrate ample practical ability through samples or a portfolio of your work
• You might also be asked to give a presentation of your skills in case of music, drama, or theatrical skills
• Though the programme has its roots in the US, it is now offered in many countries across the world like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and countries in Europe in different formats
• MFA is offered in a host of creative fields like music, drama, creative writing, art, and design in addition to technical areas like film production or digital design

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In addition to these, you have a host of professional courses with multiple options like
• Business Master’s degrees which include the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master’s in Management (MIM)
• Postgraduate Teacher Training courses which offer Postgraduate Certificate in Education, School-Centred Initial Teacher Training, and Professional Diplomas in Education
• Postgraduate Law Degrees like the Master of Laws (LLM), Legal Practice Course (LPC), Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

So that was the broad range of Professional Master’s degrees to choose from. Of course, this is just an overview and each degree has a spectrum of choices within them like the professional engineering and fine arts programmes.

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By ChendurmathiMannivanan, Senior Editor

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