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Things to know about H-1B visa and its new rules

The H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows the non-us workers to work in the specialty occupations. According to The Department of Homeland Security (DH...

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The Best 384 Colleges Survey- 2019 Edition

The Princeton Review has conducted an annual survey of more than 138,000 that’s an average of 359 students per school. Over the years, they have surveyed ...

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How to Write a Successful Admission Essay?

Admission essays vary in tone, tenor and context as per the program the student is applying to. There is a different set of admission essays for undergraduate, ...

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US Study Visa- The types of visas you must know

You chose to study in the USA and have successfully received an admit from a U.S. university. So, what’s next? An appropriate student visa is required to ensu...

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How do I send my SAT scores?

The next big thing after taking your SAT is sending your score report to colleges. It would not make sense if you have performed well, yet your hard work doesn...

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SAT Practice Questions for your test preparation

Want a preview of some of the question types on the redesigned SAT? Try the SAT sample questions below. Challenge yourself with some reading, writing, and lan...

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