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Tips to Tackle Inverted Sentence Structures in GMAT

One of the biggest challenges in the GMAT test is the question type called ‘Sentence Correction’. The questions are deliberately structured in a way that th...

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How to Predict Your GRE Score?

Every candidate would wish to know where he/she stands with one’s skill set before taking the GRE exam.This is where score prediction is necessary. If you are...

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3 Major Guidelines to Follow Before Applying for Student Visa

Getting a student visa is a pre-requisite to ensure that you are officially permitted to reside and study in a particular country. The approval of your student ...

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Must-Know Grammar Rules for the ACT English Section

The ACT is an entrance exam in the United States which is used for admissions in most colleges. It is used to test a high school student’s preparedness for co...

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Top 10 Scholarships For Study Abroad

Moving abroad to study can often be an extremely expensive adventure to embark on. However, numerous institutions across the world want to invest in young peopl...

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How to study abroad with a Low CGPA

Getting good scores is really important for securing admission to a good university or a desired course. However, not having a high enough GPA doesn’t hav...

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