6 Tips To Write a Motivation Letter For Master’s Abroad

As the name suggests, a Letter of Motivation (LOM) should highlight your motivation for pursuing a Master’s program. If you are stuck with how to begin writing a good motivation letter

6 Tips To Write a Successful Motivation Letter For Your Master’s Abroad

  1. START with a story citing incidents and experiences that motivated you towards a Master’s program in your desired field.
  2. ESTABLISH clearly that you are well qualified for the program. In order to achieve this, talk about your previous academic and research background from your undergrad.
  3. MENTION your professional experiences, if any, which can render your motivation letter unique and make you suitably qualified for the program. You should include all relevant details about your internships, in-plant training, and job roles which you might have undertaken during and after your undergrad.
  4. Career goals would be another source of motivation for choosing your desired course, so do not forget to mention very clear and well-thought-out career path which should be totally in sync with the program that you are applying to.
  5. CITE clear reasons for choosing the particular program in the particular university. Avoid generic statements and give specific features of the program that will benefit you and help you accomplish your career goals.
  6. Finally, CLOSE the letter with a smooth conclusion.

Things To Remember While Writing a Motivation Letter for Your Master’s abroad

  • If you are worried about making your motivation letter stand out from the hundreds and thousands of other applicants’, just remember it is the uniqueness of your experiences and exploits that will make your letter distinctive.
  • Generally, a motivation letter should be one-page long unless the university has specified a format or word limit.
  • Plagiarism is an unforgivable offense even in its leanest forms, so don’t even think about copying from other sources.
  • Do your homework before starting out on writing the letter. Organize your thoughts and draw a mental picture of how you want this letter to pan out.
  • Focus on the main points and ideas and avoid giving generic statements; be crisp and concise.
  • Start writing your motivation letter earlier so that you can avoid the last-minute deadline rush which could affect the quality.
  • Keep your motivation letter neat and organized. Whether it is the way it looks or the way the content is structured, make sure there is order. The paragraphs, the font size, and the length of the letter should all be in order and uniform throughout.
  • The first paragraph, in fact, the first line, should be written in a way that prods the reader to read the whole letter with interest. So try to be creative with your introduction.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, run your letter through a thorough grammar check. Check for any mistakes or redundancies and eliminate them. You can also get a third party opinion on this, your friends, parents, teachers, or someone who has already got admission in this program. Third-party perspective can sometimes be helpful in ways that you would not have even imagined.

By Chendurmathi Mannivanan, Senior Editor

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