GMAT Accommodations: GMAT Extended Time and More

GMAT Accommodations: GMAT Extended Time and More

Every year thousands of aspiring business management students from around the globe aim to ace the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). GMAT scores hold a lot of weight in the application process of several business schools alike-making GMAT one of the most sought-after exams internationally.

Those who are coaching for the GMAT must be aware that GMAT, an international non-profit committee of business schools, takes the charge of developing and conducting the GMAT each year. In an endeavor to boost the approachability of its services, GMAC has made accommodations accessible for test-takers with disabilities. Here’s more information to make you cognizant of the accommodations offered by GMAC and how to access them.


Let’s Enumerate the Accommodations Provided For GMAT

In order to lay an even playing ground for individuals who qualify as persons with disabilities, there are certain modifications made available by GMAC. These conveniences aim to reduce the hurdles that may come in the way of individuals taking the GMAT.

  • The provision for bonus testing-time
  • The accommodation to take extra or extended rest-breaks
  • The permission to have access to a medical device inside the testing hall
  • The provision for a trackball mouse
  • Ascribe/helper to read out the test items to the test-taker, followed by logging and submitting his/her responses
  • The provision for the enlarged font on the PC monitor for a particular test-taker
  • The facility of having an interpreter of the sign language.

You may have access to all or some of these facilities depending on your requirements during the GMAT exam. These accommodations have come as a great source of relief for countless individuals and are sure to buoy up their spirits.


Just 5 Simple Steps to Request the Aforementioned Provisions for GMAT

In case you think that the standard conditions of giving the GMAT may not be a smooth ride for you and that the aforesaid facilities can prove to be beneficial, go ahead and submit your appeal for them. The process is simple and consists of just 5 steps:

  1. Register at your account at mba.com. Once you are registered, you’ll receive a GMAT ID number. Wait until you get your accommodation decision (step 2) before registering for a GMAT exam
  1. Next, fill out the GMAT Exam Accommodations Request Form. You can find this form in your GMAT supplement for test-takers with disabilities.
  1. For verification purposes, attach medical/ clinical documentation according to the disability type. Here are the links to documentation guidelines corresponding to each one of the following disabilities –
    • Learning and Cognitive Disabilities
    • Physical and Systemic Disabilities
    • Psychological Disabilities
    • Sensory Disabilities (Vision and Hearing) Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  1. Once you’ve filled in your GMAT Exam Accommodations Request Form along with all the supporting documentation, send it to Pearson VUE using the fax or mailing address (given at the end). Within a maximum of four days, you will receive an email confirmation of the submission of your documents. This is followed by a decision regarding your request that you would receive within the time period of a month.
  1. If your request is approved for the provisions by GMAC, you’ll be able to schedule accommodated testing. Hence, it is advised that you do not book a testing appointment before receiving the decision pertaining to your accommodation appeal.


The Best Time to Submit Your Request – The Clock’s Ticking!

In case you wish to request the GMAT accommodations, it is highly recommended that you submit all of the documents and fully-filled forms well in advance of the sought testing date. It may take over a month (after the receipt of your documents) to get your request accepted.


Here’s What We Recommend!

The GMAC provides a GMAT Handbook and GMAT Supplement that all aspiring candidates who have disabilities must go through. The GMAT Handbook is valuable to every test taker, irrespective of whether they have a disability or not. It encompasses essential information that every test-taker must be abreast of.

The GMAT Supplement consists of additional tools that can guide you through the process of appealing GMAT accommodations.


Aids That Do Not Require GMAT Test Accommodation Request Form

There are some comfort aids or assistance that you have access to during the GMAT exam, and they do not urge you to apply for the GMAT test accommodations separately. These aids include:

  • Spectacles or hearing devices
  • A pillow for bolstering the neck, back, or an injured limb
  • Collars or neck braces
  • An insulin pump (The pump is allowed if it is fastened to your body. Any medical device that is separated from your body asks for an accommodation request).

For the official mailing address for the submission of the GMAT, accommodations check the official website.

If this article has helped you schedule your GMAT exam then please share it and help others register for the GMAT.

Good luck!

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