What you need to know about MBA recruiting

What’s the number one motivator to apply to an international business school – or any b-school for that matter?

Here’s a hint: it’s not because studying for GMAT is fun for them, nor it is because they want to take loans in foreign currency. Most of them share the same end goal – amazing career prospects.

Here are some points on understanding how the recruitment process works at the MBA programs:

Recruitment begins before b-school

There isn’t a single, quantifiable avenue to this process. It’s better to think of the process as a sales funnel. It’s almost essential for them to begin the process as soon as they accept a seat at an international b-school. It’s best to know answers for these – When do career events happen? Which companies tend to participate in? How do they plan to connect with the alumni and others that can assist? Which clubs and activities will enhance their chances of networking?

Business schools don’t guarantee a job, but they do help

While it’s ultimately up to the employers and the grads, the schools make it easy for both sides to find each other. They offer platforms for students to connect. Their career services offices are incredibly useful for finding internships and learning about companies.

The Importance of Networking

Can’t stress enough on this, right? Career services offices can only do so much. Indeed it appears that many schools are seeing an increase in jobs obtained through b-school networks. INSTEAD, for example, reports that 53% of their recent class found their post-grad positions through career services or alumni networks. Networking is a crucial part of the recruitment funnel. It’s not just a matter of having access to a club or alumni network, they need to make real connections to take advantage. 

We hope that now you have got an understanding of how the recruitment process works at the MBA programs. So, start your preparation and get ready to apply to an international business school – or any b-school.

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We wish you all the best!


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