Best Books for GMAT and GRE Preparation


Best Books for GMAT and GRE Preparation

The moment you decide to take the GRE or the GMAT, the first thing that comes to your mind is which study material you should refer to score well on the test? Before ending up choosing books for your test preparation it is suggested to do some research work and choose from the list of books available in the market. Choosing the right book will give you tips that will help you stay on track while preparing.

Now the concern is how do you choose the most suitable one for you? Let us find out how:


Preparing Right for GRE & GMAT

Nowadays, there is ample material available in the market for GRE & GMAT preparation. You need to know about the best books for your preparation. Make sure that the books and sample questions you are using come from a reliable source as there is a lot of random material available on the internet. The study material you use should cover the basics of all the topics which are tested in both the exams. The material should contain GRE and GMAT preparation tips for all question types for both Quant & Verbal.

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Tips to Select the Right GRE Books

  1. You must take a practice test to determine your strengths and weaknesses on the subjects
  2. Choose your learning style. Such as, if you are a visual learner, choose a guide that comes with a CD
  3. Find out how much time you have in hand to prepare. If time is short, go for an e-guide. If you have a good time in hand then you can refer a detailed study guide
  4. Visit a bookstore and spend some time going through the various guides.
  5. Look for a complete mock test in your guide
  6. After a thorough study, take the computer adaptive tests of the ETS. This will help you prepare well.


The Best GRE Study Guides

The Official Guide to the Revised General Test, 2nd Edition

The Official Guide to the Revised General Test, 2nd Edition is published by Educational Testing Services (ETS), the makers of the GRE. Often called the authoritative guide to the GRE it is the only official guide available for the test. It helps you prepare well for the actual test and consists of four complete real tests (two in the book and two on the CD-ROM that comes with it), several genuine questions, detailed descriptions of the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning content areas, tips for answering each type of question, and an overview of the two types of analytic writing tasks in GRE that are part of the test.

The Official GRE Super Power Pack

The Official GRE Super Power Pack (including The Official Guide to the GRE and two books with practice questions on verbal and quant sections) offers a lot of practice, detailed examples of real answers by test takers, and expert commentaries by test graders.

GRE Big Book

One of the oldest ETS guides follows the old GRE pattern. How does it help? It helps by giving you additional practice. It has ample verbal and quant sections, but you should not make it the foundation for your preparations.

Some other reference books for GRE Preparation:

1.     Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions

2.     Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions

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GMAT Books:

While preparing for the GMAT, always remember, even referring to the best GMAT books will not help you much if you don’t have the discipline and patience to develop a good GMAT study plan and will take efforts to follow it.

Best GMAT Books to Refer:

The Official Guide for GMAT Review

This is one of the books that almost everyone considers for GMAT Preparation. It covers all the concepts and is one of the official guides to help you ace the test.

The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review

The book has several sample GMAT questions that go beyond the primary GMAT Official Guide; you may not want to go for both. Instead, you can get the basics sorted out with the Official Guide and then go for an advanced level guide for the GMAT quantitative section.

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review

This GMAT verbal guide continues the good work done by the GMAT Official Guide. There are more real GMAT questions to give you practice on how the real test would feel like. Don’t jump into these before getting the verbal concepts clarified.

To sum it up, the main point is that the best books for GRE & GMAT preparation should contain the tips for how to prepare for both the exams. For the preparation one should keep in mind that the sample questions are well researched. For both GRE and GMAT preparation, the student should have a consistent study plan.

If this article has helped you choose your own way of GRE & GMAT preparation, then schedule your exam and figure out your test dates at your local test centers. Please share it and help others register for the exam.


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