5 Ways to Improve Your Profile to Get Admission in Your Dream College

Improve Your Profile


Applying to your dream school abroad can be extremely exciting and obnoxiously stressful at the same time therefore it is recommended that a candidate must choose best study abroad consultants that will eventually ensure the right guidance and right study abroad counselling. With a plethora of options to consider, plenty of deadlines to meet with numerous documents to arrange, the college admission process becomes exceedingly daunting and confusing. Feeling discouraged?? Don’t be; because all it takes to target top college admissions is a precisely planned approach with an understanding of what makes a strong application.

It has been observed that admissions to most common dream schools such as Ivy Leagues are becoming increasingly challenging and competitive with acceptance rates getting lower each year students who don’t hire abroad education consultants often face such situation. Thus, the following ways to improve your profile can be helpful in the admissions process, ensuring your suitability for optimal consideration in your dream colleges:


4 Steps to Improve Your Profile


1. Enhancing Your Academic Profile

There are no short cuts to hard work. So, the first and foremost step is to study hard and get a strong GPA. If possible, enroll for test prep classes that will help you score well in your SAT/ACT exam and improve your chances of admission. Take regular practice tests online to bolster your test prep. Take Advanced Placement Tests/Classes in the areas of your strength to gain acceleration credits scoring 3 or higher. Participating and winning academic competitions regularly also reflect positively on your profile. Joining national honor societies or other legitimate academic societies where you can exhibit the best of your efforts, gains extensive visibility during top college admissions.

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2. Develop a Unique Well-Rounded Personality; Sensitive Towards Community

Nourish your hobbies in ECA by actively participating in school clubs and activities such as Dramatics Club, Dance Society, choir group, etc. never lose an opportunity to become a part of a foreign exchange program in your school. Also, volunteer to take responsibilities in the student administrative team. It is also very important that an applicant is sensitive to society. It can be exhibited by your continuous and consistent participation in service groups such as NSS, Red Cross, UNICEF, and other recognized NGOs. Personal initiatives benefitting the community are also encouraged during the college admission process.


3. Research and Connect… Go an Extra Mile

Taking up  Admission Counselling Service for the online college admissions process would be a prudent decision at this stage. It will help you in focusing on the weaker aspects of your application and finally help you in bringing forth a strongly convincing and stellar application. Also, review your social media presence. Admissions committee might check your profile out at various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Remove content that might interfere with your admissions process. You can use this medium to connect with the admissions officers and alumni of your dream school.


4. Create Well-Crafted Essays Exhibiting Your Uniqueness

The online college admission process invariably consists of various admissions essays that have a very important part in improving your chances of admissions. Think and consciously deliberate about the essay topics with school counselors and working professionals to decide its content. Giving two to three attempts to create your initial draft. Brainstorm ideas and consider ways to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Collect all the thoughts, streamline them and craft the best possible essay which should be a mix of personalization and professionalism. Colleges with lower acceptance rates such as the Ivy leagues rate the essays as ‘considerably important’ during the college admissions process. Foreign education consultants can play a major role in crafting a unique essay that will depict your capabilities.

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5. Be Positive, Organized, Confident and Never Give Up

The admissions process might be full of roadblocks and stressful days but you should never give up on your hope. The mantra is to possess a focused approach towards your goal, plan your steps towards it, stick to your plan and finally reach the end result. In case you face rejection from a particular school, try to understand the reason for that failure and curb it in your next application. Never Give up!

So, getting into your dream college involves hard work and consistent preparation, but it will pay off if you follow the steps given above. Hence, starting and completing the process early will be definitely helpful in admissions to your dream schools. All the best folks and we sincerely hope that you get your acceptance letters from your desired universities soon.


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