How to Predict Your GRE Score?

Every candidate would wish to know where he/she stands with one’s skill set before taking the GRE exam. This is where score prediction is necessary. If you are confused and worried about whether this would be a complicated process, GRE Score Prediction is the right solution for you.

GRE score calculation for both Verbal and Quants:

  • The Raw score is equivalent to the total number of correctly answered questions and the scores for both sections of the GRE exam are based on this. Both Verbal and Quant sections have 40 questions each, in total 40 being the highest raw score achievable in either section.
  • This raw score is then rated on a scale of 130-170 which will be the final GRE score. Kindly be informed that raw scores are not exactly the same as the final score as ETS reserves the right to adjust points for selected questions on the basis of their relative difficulty level. In situations where an average set of candidates are unable to attempt a question accurately then that particular question will be rated as harder than average, thereby increasing the chances of getting more points on answering such question correctly, comparatively higher than the standard questions. This will entail extra points on your final GRE score.
  • The difference between Raw and Official score, however, will be minimal.

GRE score calculation for AWA:

  • The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section, consisting of two essay questions, is not rated in a binary format hence a raw score that can directly be converted to a 40 point score is non-existent.
  • Instead, the essay is based on a rubric score that ranges from 0 to 6 with the calculations being done in half-point increments.
  • The AWA section is graded by a human examiner as well as a computer scorer-– ETS’s e-rater scoring engine. If the two scores received are the same, the average becomes your final score, else in case of any discrepancies between the two, the two human examiners evaluate the section and the average becomes the final score.
  • The average of the scores for the Argumentative and Issue essays becomes the final score for the section.

How to use ETS’s scoring systems to predict your GRE score:

Due to minimal differences between the Raw and the Final scores, the Raw score gives a good idea of the final adjusted GRE score. However the same may be tricky for the AWA section though the prediction is still possible with the help of an expert or a guide who can assess your written work against GRE standards. Taking multiple tests to prove consistency is a good plan, to begin with, to accurately predict your score for the same. The ETS GRE Student Portal takes care of these student needs through practice tests, as do many unofficial ones.

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