6 Steps to Get a Job in Germany From India


As a technologically advanced country, Germany is a hot seat for skilled international workers. There is a regular requirement for skilled professionals in the field of IT, engineering, mechatronic technicians, automation, research, and hospitality including support staff and nurses. Beyond these regular jobs as well, you may always find a match for your field of interest and skill set in Germany. A bonus point if you are trained in the German language. You can take up roles as language experts and even translators in the country. Typically, many MNCs employ people skilled in foreign languages in secretarial, PR, sales, and marketing roles.

But, the question remains: how do you look for a job in Germany?

Before answering that, let’s look into why you should look for a job in Germany.

Germany, the most developed country in the world, has a relatively low crime rate. Thus it is a safe country to live in. If you are looking for better lifestyle choices, the country should definitely be on your shortlist. And if you are a tech head, you will be delighted to live at the hotspot of technological innovations and advancements.

Per the report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2026, there will be a need for 11.5 million data scientists, in light of the rapid pace of advancement in the industry. Germany alone is capable of producing lucrative employment opportunities in this field, given that some of the top MS in Data Science programs are offered by schools in Germany. If you have completed your master’s in data science, you can easily bag a job with salaries over 116842 Euros in Germany. And if you have completed your MS in data science degree in Germany, an entry-level role will fetch you a salary of 55,000 Euros and a senior-level role with managerial and leadership expertise will fetch you a salary of 1,000,000 Euros.

Now that we have established the advantages of getting a job in Germany, let us look back at how you can find jobs in Germany from India.


Steps to Get a Job in Germany From India

Make it in Germany

This website is the repository of all information and hand-holding that you may need to find your dream role in Germany. From job vacancies, and role requirements, to specific requirements for skilled international professionals working in Germany, this website provides all the information.


Other Websites/Apps to look for Jobs in Germany

The Make it in Germany website exclusively lists vacancies for companies and/or roles that especially seek international specialists. Besides this website, you can check the Federal Employment Agency website. This also gives out information on a wide range of roles and vacancies for international job seekers. Besides Step stone, Indeed, and Monster can also connect you to employers based out of Germany.

These are, of course, verified employment exchanges, and can give you authentic information. Business networks such as LinkedIn and Xing are also good options to look for jobs in Germany. Network and connect with the job poster or the HR Head/representative of the company if you ever have any doubt regarding the role or requirements.

Prior to going ahead with the application and the interview process, always ensure that you are certain of what they want from you and what they are going to provide you for your services. If you have your eyes fixed on particular companies, the best way to go about it is to check their corporate websites for vacancies and cold email or network with the recruiting head to let them know of your interest, your skill set, and your qualification.


Check Your Qualifications

Ensure that your transcripts and qualifications are recognized in Germany. This is a crucial step while applying for jobs in a foreign country. Check for global accreditations and recognitions as all colleges/universities/courses may not be internationally recognized. This will then mar your chances of getting a job in another country from India.


Make Your Application

Applying for jobs in Germany will need you to submit your resume, a cover letter, necessary certificates, and recommendation letters. You will have to submit a resume with a recent photograph. The cover letter should be concise but duly inform the reader of what you bring to the table. Remember to always make a strong case for yourself, avoid repeating information from your resume, but summarize your experiences to provide definite takeaways to your potential employer. Tell them why you think you are a good fit for the role and how your academic and professional background will help you contribute and enhance the team/department. Match these to the job description always. Even, emphasize that you have the required qualifications as mentioned in the vacancy posting.


Check Visa Rules

If you are in India looking for a job in Germany, you will definitely need a visa. Check the rules for the same. Once you have received confirmation of your offer, make sure that you inform your employer of the time needed to complete the visa process. Do not start your visa process prior to receiving official confirmation of your employment. Interestingly, if you have a qualification that is recognized in Germany, you can actually get a six-month visa to stay and look for a job in Germany.

If you are eligible for the EU Blue Card, you can apply to become a permanent citizen in Germany (this is in the situation that you are already pursuing an academic program in Germany). You can extend this status as many times as you want if you have full-time, permanent employment in Germany. You can also apply for the German residence permit, which is again valid for two years and allows you to work in full-time employment. Although you can extend this permit multiple times, you cannot continue to stay in Germany on this permit if you do not have full-time employment in Germany.


Health Insurance

Getting health insurance is mandatory in Germany. Before you leave for the country, ensure that you have obtained valid health insurance.


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Can I get a job in Germany?

Yes, if you have valid qualifications.

Where can I find jobs in Germany from India?

Make it in Germany is a holistic website for job searchers in Germany from India.

Do I need health insurance to work in Germany?

Yes, health insurance is mandatory for working and staying in Germany.

What are the popular roles for jobs in Germany?

Skilled data scientists, doctors, nurses, support staff, technicians, academicians, IT experts, automotive experts, and foreign language experts are popularly in demand in Germany.

Do I need to learn German to work in Germany?

Yes, knowing the native language will help you connect better and perform your daily tasks effortlessly.

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