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The Manya Abroad - Princeton review experience has to be imbued to understand its importance and significance in perfecting test preparation. The Princeton review printed material and online tools which include several mock tests are just right to facilitate achieving a dream score on the real test. Of course, the icing on the cake is the classroom session itself that is charged with lively interaction between student peers, and between the trainers and the students. Manya Teachers are a class apart; they are friendly, score- focused and more importantly experts in the field of instruction. To enable better scores, Manya offers refresher classes for students who have booked their test date and need, just about, one critical doubt clarification session with their teachers. Walk into any of our centers in your town/city and learn more about what Manya offers its students; you will not be disappointed!

   The GRE courseware and other offerings!!

The course material used in our GRE classes is the outcome of the rigorous research of the R& D based at Boston. Trainers teach the material with the right test taking strategies that a student would require to crack the test. In a multiple choice answers section of the test it is all about eliminating the wrong answers to get to the right one and Manya teachers train you to avoid the traps and emerge a winner.

The bag of goods that a student gets at the time of enrolment is literally a bag with 3 books, namely the manual, which is taught by the teacher from cover to cover, the GRE supplement, a work book that allows one to grapple with the more difficult question types, the Official Guide published by the test writers namely the ETS. The intangible and extremely unique offering is the access to an online portal that enables the student to take 8 simulated GRE multi- stage tests and practice drills in Quant and verbal. The online accessibility is available for a period of 6 months for, we do recognize that students do not take the test immediately after the course is completed. If students wish to meet the trainers for extra help sessions even after their course is completed, they would have to seek an appointment with the teacher who would either offeran extra help session or invite the student to attend a refresher class in the city.

The Manya trainers are as score conscious as the students who enroll so they keep prodding students to take the mock tests and do the daily homework at regular intervals during the length and breadth of the course. This prodding or affectionate nudging as some would call it, is to be understood in the right spirit, because let’s face it, they care for you and don’t want to be let down!!

   Our commitment:

We are probably more committed than you are in wanting to see you get an enviably good score because we strongly believe our course structure works wonderfully and translates into great scores. But, you need to believe in us and in yourself and come with the commitment to work with the right focus. SO take a diagnostic test at the center, see your score and make a list of the areas you would need to work with greater focus. Your trainers will guide you to improve on your diagnostic score with the right inputs. Just do as the teachers tell you to do and things will fall into place.

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