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SAT 2020

SAT is a paper-pencil test taken along with a group of students in a classroom and the entire test is proctored by a human proctor. It is a 4 hours long test when taken along with an essay. Question booklet which has all the sections is distributed to the students at the beginning of the test along with a bubble sheet to enter the answers. Students have to work on the question booklet and shade the ovals of the right answer in the bubble sheet in the given time. Each section is timed separately and each section has to be completed in the stipulated time. 

Benefits of taking full length SAT practice tests

  • Taking full length SAT practice tests is one of the best ways to simulate test day.
  • You will get an experience of the same type of questions you’ll see on your test day.
  • You get the patience to sit for a 4-hour long test and still keep your brain active.
  • Test review enables you to judge your own standards and plan your preparation further based on weaker areas.
  • Proctored mock tests help you in time management and right pacing. You get practice to work on the questions and bubbling the right answers in the given time.
  • Over and above, proctored mock tests give you immense confidence in taking the actual tests.

The College Board offers 8 full-lengths SAT practice tests, 

However, you have to download the college board app to grade the tests. The same 8 college board tests along with 2 more official tests can be taken in our student portal with access to a detailed score report. 

Along with 10 college board tests, Manya also provides 11 full practice tests of their own. The Princeton Review 10 practice tests for the SAT is part of our SAT kit. All put together, Manya offers 31 full-lengths SAT practice tests and all of those have access to detailed score reports and answers with explanation.

The best way to start your SAT preparation is by taking a full-length diagnostic test. By taking a diagnostic test, you will get to know the format of the test, question types and difficulty level of the test which you are going to prepare for. 

We offer one free full length SAT practice test for all the students. We also grade the test and share with you a detailed score report. 

If you like to take an SAT paper-pencil test, please visit our nearby Manya center.

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