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Nearly 3 million students take SAT each academic year at nearly seven thousand test centres in more than 170 countries. The SAT is a standardised test that is widely used in the United States, Canada as well as in other countries for undergraduate admissions. Many colleges require a SAT score as part of the application process. The main purpose of SAT is to measure a high school student’s readiness for college and provide colleges with one common data point from which all applicants can be compared.

College admissions officers review your standardised SAT test scores along with high school GPA, classes you took in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays.


Section Number of Questions Duration Score Range
Reading 52 multiple choice questions 65 minutes 200 to 800
Break 10 minutes
Writing & Language 44 multiple choice questions 35 minutes
No Calculator – Math 20 (15 multiple choice and 5 student response questions) 25 minutes 200 to 800
Break 5 minutes
Yes Calculator – Math 38 (30 multiple choice and 8 student response questions) 55 minutes
Break 2 minutes
Essay 1 prompt 50 minutes 2 to 8


What We Offer

Based on the deliberate analysis of our Uber trainers, Manya Education SAT Prep includes the most up-to-date, detailed SAT prep study materials. Get trained by our expert trainers, who have undergone certification training and have the necessary experience to support you in fulfilling your SAT preparation needs. With the best SAT coaching at Manya, you will achieve your desired score with a customised study plan, student portal, practise tests, comprehensive score report, refreshers, proctored mock tests, and much more. The Manya satisfaction guarantee ensures that you are fully pleased with your SAT preparation in order to achieve your desired score.

SAT Coaching in Mumbai

If you are looking for SAT preparation in Mumbai then, your search ends here! Manya Education SAT course offers you a student-centered curriculum designed to focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Our Focus – Your Score Improvement!

  • Dedicated and proficient teachers whose only priority is to see that your score improves and your target score and aspiration is achieved!
  • Guidance in pacing the test: Exclusive time-tested techniques
  • Detailed Test Feedback
  • Easy access to Manya Education trainers
  • Unlimited additional assistance

Why Manya Education SAT Classes in Mumbai are the Best

With live online SAT classes in Mumbai, Manya Education offers our students maximum flexibility in SAT preparation, allowing each SAT aspirant to choose the SAT study plan that best suits their learning needs and goals. Our SAT program features comprehensive course materials, original methods of instruction, and the most qualified SAT trainers. You can learn the complex problems in an easy to understand way. Our SAT study plan helps you to improve your thinking capabilities as it includes practice tests that are similar to SAT. To get the best test score results for our students, our SAT coaching in Mumbai uses engaging methods of instruction and a highly developed course syllabus. Start taking the SAT online coaching in Mumbai right now and get your desired score with the help of our master trainers.

Google Reviews

Aditya Agarwal 5 Star

I did my SAT training at Manya Princeton Review. In my diagnostics test I got a 1160 and in my final SAT I scored 1520, which I am told, was the highest score in Chennai for that series. Manya helped me understand the tactics involved in taking a standardised test, enabling me to stay on ... read more >

Jananiruthya karunakaran 5 Star

If you’re looking for a good SAT training center- this is the place to be! I absolutely adored the faculty and their cut to chase teaching methods, best SAT techniques. Princeton Review has got some really trained faculty in the trade- definitely worth it.

Vansh Sharma 5 Star

I enrolled at Manya for multiple services including SAT coaching, IELTS coaching, and guidance in the college application and I must say that I am nothing short of satisfied with the result. With a very competent and qualified teaching faculty, along with the most supportive management, I would say that studying here has been an ... read more >

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How Should I Prepare for the SAT?

As the first step, take a diagnostic test to know your strengths and weaknesses on the various questions tested on the Math and Verbal. Get familiar with the test structure and get aware of how long a test SAT is. By then, you would also know that beating the SAT without techniques or strategies would be a great mistake. Join an SAT course with us. Learn the approaches and techniques, practice by implementing them on questions, and give mock tests regularly to keep a check on your performance and progress. Keep setting targets and strive to achieve them consistently. You will see a tremendous improvement on the score!

How to register for the SAT 2022?

The SAT tests are offered as paper-delivered test worldwide.

1) You need to create or have a Collegeboard account to register online.

2) Once the account is created, fill in the personal details for SAT registration.

3) Form a student profile by entering your high school details, academic details, college type, majors, etc.

4) Pick a test date and test center.

5) Upload your picture.

6) Pay the test fee using Paypal or a Credit Card.

How long is the SAT?

The SAT exam is for 4 hours 5 mins with the breaks. The SAT exam comprises 4 sections and an optional essay.

1. Reading section – 65 minutes

2.Writing section – 35 minutes

3.No calculator section – 25 minutes

4.Calculator section – 55 minutes

5.Optional essay – 50 minutes After the reading section, there will be a 10 minutes break and after the No calculator section there will be a 5 minutes break. Finally, if you’re taking the SAT Essay or if your test has an additional 20-minute section, you’ll get a 2-minute break after the Math Test – Calculator. The SAT exam is for 4 hours 5 mins with the breaks. SAT exam comprises of 4 sections and an optional essay.

What are the advantages of taking these SAT practice tests?

Having an opportunity to take a SAT online practice test has huge benefits for the students. Here listed a few advantages,

• SAT online practice test is a full length test helps you to understand the structure of the SAT, the sections, question types, number of questions, duration, etc.
• You get experienced to sit for a 4 hours long test and to manage pacing for each section of the test.
• By taking this test, you get to know what you’re going to prepare for and where you stand.
• The score report enables you to analyze your stronger areas of the test and the areas you need to focus on.

How many times can I take the SAT test?

Students can take SAT as many times as they want. However, we recommend students to take atleast two times and no more than three times. Most of the students get higher scores on the second attempt and most colleges consider students the highest score.

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