Canceling Your SAT Registration: Steps for Cancellation and Fee Refund


When to Go for Cancellation of SAT Registration

Firstly, it is very essential to have a clear mind before you register for the SAT because cancellation of SAT Registration has its own repercussion including additional fees and non-availability of suitable test centers. Additionally, if you do not cancel your SAT Registration before the deadlines close, you will not be eligible for any refund.

Let’s say, you had made up your mind to appear for the SAT in the month of June 2024 and thus started your preparation and completed your SAT registration too. If, at any moment, you feel you are not fully prepared or if there is an occurrence of any unforeseen situation that will not allow you to take the test in the registered test center, you can opt for cancellation of SAT Registration. Changing of test dates and test center requires SAT Cancellation and Re- Registration. The deadline is generally set 10-12 days before the actual day of the test. For example, the deadline for Changes, Regular Cancellation, or Late Registration is 21st May 2024.

Pros and Cons of SAT Cancellation

SAT cancellation pros and cons

Firstly, rescheduling is always a better option as it will not require you to register again and instead choose an alternate date for appearing for the test.

If in case you still wish to opt for SAT Cancellation, it is better to do it before the stipulated deadline. Visit the College Board Website to check the deadline and decide accordingly.

In case of cancelling your SAT Registration, you may not necessarily get a seat in the same center you opted for earlier and may even have to pay an additional fee to book a seat in a center in your closest vicinity (Some test centers charge an additional fee for test center booking). Check the list of such test centers when you register again.

Cancellation of SAT Registration can be beneficial when you are not well prepared for the test or have gotten sick or when you cannot visit the center you have chosen earlier during the registration because a poor SAT score leading to many more attempts doesn’t leave a good impression.

Step by Step Process to cancel your SAT Registration

  • Sign in

he very first step is to log in to the collegeboard website with your registered collegeboard id.

  • My Tests

If you have successfully booked your registration, your details will be available on the homepage under the tab “My Tests”. Click on it and then go to the “Cancellation Option”.

  • Cancellation Option

Select the option to cancel your test registration.

  • Follow Instructions

Follow the cues to successfully cancel your test registration. You need to pay an additional fee to cancel your registration which is as follows:

  1. Before Deadline: $25 (2082.67 INR)
  2. In case of Fee Waiver: There is an option to apply a fee waiver while registering for the SAT. If you have applied a fee waiver and the same is approved from College Board, there won’t be any charge for cancellation of your registration
  3. After Deadline: If you plan to cancel your test registration after the deadlines are crossed, you have to pay an additional amount of $35 (2915.29 INR)
  • Fee Refund

If you cancel your SAT registration before the deadline, you will get the total amount minus the cancellation fee refunded to the original source of payment. In case of delayed cancellation, the amount of fee waiver will also get deducted. There is a 6-week wait period after the chosen test date for the SAT refund process.

  • Confirmation

Following the prompt, click on the confirm button and wait for the confirmation via email and registered phone number (if provided during registration).

If you face any difficulty with cancellation of your SAT Registration, you can contact customer care service of the College Board for further assistance.

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Is it possible to cancel my SAT Registration?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your SAT Registration. You can cancel your registration by visiting the College Board website and then following the steps.

Is there an additional fee for cancellation of SAT Registration?

Yes, there is an additional fee of $25 if you cancel your registration before the deadline. The cancellation fee increases to $35 if the cancellation is done after the deadline is crossed.

Can I change my personal details after registration is complete?

Mistakes are inevitable. If you see that there is some mistake in your personal details or registration details, you can change it by logging in with your college board and then going to “My Test” tab and follow the procedure. 

Will I not be able to register for the SAT again after cancelling it once?

No, there isn’t any such thing and instead cancellation the registration is necessary to change test dates or test centers.

Is there a deadline for cancellation of SAT Registration?

Yes, every SAT test has a registration and cancellation deadline. For the deadlines of one specific SAT, you need to visit the college board website.

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