What You Need to Know Before Booking your GRE


A long list of fields in the GRE registration form might intimidate candidates, while they begin the process of filling their GRE form. A test taker needs to enter a lot of information even before he can see the test dates and centers. This seems even more difficult when there are no guidelines given on the ETS website.

With a little preparation beforehand, the process of booking a slot for GRE will appear very simple and accessible to you. Here are some essential points to keep in mind before registering for GRE to avoid any mishaps.

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General Information

Make sure you go through the ETS policies and other details such as registrations, rescheduling, etc. before you begin the online registration.

Create an ETS account

 Before booking a slot, create an account for yourself on the ETS website. Make sure you have a valid passport which is the only identification proof for the test takers in India. You mustn’t carry the photocopy but the original passport. The First, Middle and Last Names should be the same as in the passport. In case you don’t have the last name mentioned in your passport then you need to repeat your first name as the last name. Fill in the other mandatory details and submit. Your account will be created.

Decide Your Test Date

The date on which you take your GRE test should be decided based on your preparation and respective deadlines of the university etc.. After logging into your account, select the date and time. You could choose to write the exam in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

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Select Your Test Provider and the City

 There will be an option to choose the country and city in which you would prefer to take the like. Most of the cities have Prometric centers. There are other ETS-authorized centers too. Booking of dates happens on a first-come, first-served basis.

Complete the Registration

 Keep in mind that you have to mandatorily fill the fields which have an asterisk (*) mark on it. After confirming the registration, you have to move to complete the last step, which is paying for the registration form. This can be done by a credit card, a debit card which is internationally valid or with a Paypal account. Make sure that you keep a printout of the form with you if you cannot print it immediately, ensure that you save a copy of it as PDF, for future reference.

This Completes Your GRE Registration. Best of Luck!

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