Journey of Sweeya Reddy to score an Eight

Success Story of Sweeya

IELTS is the first step towards constructing a brighter future. If you want to study abroad, then it is advised to start your IELTS preparation well in advance. This is precisely what Sweeya Reddy did.

Sweeya started her preparation for IELTS at a premier institution, Manya-The Princeton Review. For her, it was a life-changing experience as she got to learn more than what the books had to serve. Being a serious student, Sweeya was always active in class. From making notes to talking to the teachers frequently to revising the covered portion every day, she understood the right mix needed to crack the IELTS paper.

Walking through her experience at the Institute, Sweeya recollects how important it is to choose the right institute. For Sweeya, her mentors were the reason that her handwork paid off. She says the preparation is as much mental as it is emotional. The feeling of doing her best and reaching her dream college did make her a bit anxious. However, the faculty at Manya-The Princeton Review was always available for helping her.


What’s More?

She mentions how her classes were over, but she did use to connect with her mentors for asking doubts, and this continued until her exam was over. As a result, Shweeya with her handwork, dedication, and support of her mentors, scored a whopping 8 on the IELTS exam.

Now that is what the perfect equation for acing any exam looks like. Sweeya is one example of a student who chooses the right institute to crack the IELTS with flying colors.

If you are someone who wants to study abroad then Manya-The Princeton Review is your go-to place to study and crack IELTS. World-class technical infrastructure and an excellent teaching faculty are what define Manya-The Princeton Review.

Want to read more success stories? Here is another story of our proud student who shares his experiences and learning at Manya-The Princeton Review. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself by enrolling yourself!

So, don’t wait until it is too late, join Manya-The Princeton Review today!

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