What Every Student Needs for Final Exams

Showing up to your calculus final without a calculator is like leaving for the beach without a swimsuit. We want the morning of your final examsChecklist to be as stress-free as possible, so here’s a handy a checklist to make sure you have everything you need to ace your finals.

Final Exam Checklist

First step? Check with your teachers to make sure you know what tools you’re allowed to use (or are supposed to bring).

1. Notes
Are you permitted to use notes during the exam? Watch out! Too many notes can be just as useless as too few.

Notes should be legible, easy to follow, and the bare minimum necessary to jog your brain. Even if notes aren’t allowed, bring them with you anyway to read over right before the test so that the material is fresh in your mind.

2. Calculator (+ batteries)
Many teachers will let you bring a calculator to math or science exams. Make sure yours is in good working order andCalculator isn’t left behind on the kitchen counter.

3. Textbooks
Some classes call for an open book exam, but just having the book isn’t the key to success. You need to know where to find the material. Spending some time before the test noting key chapters will help make it easier to flip around and find.

4. Snacks
They don’t call it brain food for anything! You’ll hopefully eat a solid breakfast before you head out, but a portable, protein-packed snack such as trail mix can help keep your brain focused during a tough test.

5. Water
Staying hydrated goes hand in hand with staying properly nourished to maintain focus. Always bring a water bottle. (Spike it with a little juice for some added flavor.)

6. The right school supplies
The days of filling in ovals with No. 2 pencils are largely over, but make sure you bring pens or pencils, along with the scratch paper. Sometimes you’ll need extra space to try out a math problem or quickly outline an essay before getting to work on the test paper itself.

7. A mantra
Sometimes it helps to come up with a line you can repeat to yourself if you get stuck or anxious. “Today’s my day.” “I know I can.” “I’m almost through with Spanish.” Whatever it takes to feel empowered.

8. A pep talk
No matter how well you actually know the material, if you don’t think you know it, you’ll have a hard time getting through the test. Have confidence in the work you’ve done to prepare, but know it’s not too late to ask our online tutors for help! Whether it’s a late-night biology question or even a review session the morning of the exam, we’re here to help, 24-7!

Source: The Princeton Review

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