Top 10 Tips for preparing a Resume

Resume-2Usually, a resume is of one or two-page summaries having your experience, education, skills, and achievements. In the US and other countries, most of the potential recruiters of the companies expect the candidates to submit resumes than CV especially, for the non-academic positions. There are a few points to remember while preparing a Resume.

You must know that your recruiter will not be spending more than 1-2 minutes scanning your resume to check your educational background and experience. Hence, it is always recommended to have a short and crisp resume. Your resume should also be concise with enough white space on the page so that an important aspect is not missed by the recruiter while scanning your resume.

Here are the tips for preparing a Resume:

• Your Resume should not be more than two pages.
• Re-evaluate your experience and think of how you can show your academic experience as a necessary skill for a non-academic environment.
• Do not forget to mention about the skills of project management, leadership, teamwork, effective communication, and meeting deadlines.
• Start writing your experience as “Responsible for handling 50+ client calls per day” or “Trained a team of 4 members” and so on. Make more use of action verbs to describe your experience.
• Put your strengths first and list them on your resume.
• Depending on which of your professional experience is important for the post you are applying for list your degrees accordingly.
• Your CV should have a well-written job objective including the type of position and work settings you are looking for.
• List all the presentations, publications, and papers you think are important for the job you are applying for.Preparing-a-resume
• Create different versions of your resume, a) a print version (one that is ready to print and can be shared with your network or interviewers), b) a scan-able version (limit the italics and other word processing treatments), c) a plain text version (a plain text file or Text-Only document can be copied and pasted into online applications).
• The last but the most important thing to do is have someone proofread it.

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