Top 4 Tips to prepare you for the SAT

Preparing-for-SATPreparing for the SAT is a big undertaking. The test measures one thing and that is how good you are at taking the test. The best way to be prepared for the test is to understand its test structure and finding strategies to help you achieve your target score. You can take the test as many times as you want therefore if you are not happy with your scores, you can take the test again. However, you should not take the test lightly and prepare well for the exam.

Here are four simple SAT tips to help you achieve your target score:

1. Know what to expect: Be familiar with the SAT content and its test format. The SAT test has two primary SAT-Contentsections; the Evidence-based reading and writing section and the math section. You need to understand both the sections and should have a general idea of the content found in each section. Context plays an important role while answering the reading section. You should not only be looking at the exact line but should also consider the sentences placed around the question.

2. Eliminating the wrong answers: You know that out of the multiple options given there is Process-of-eliminatononly one correct answer for each question asked on the SAT. Here the important thing to consider is to know how to eliminate the other wrong options; that is to know how to use the process of elimination. While solving the Reading and Writing sections on the SAT if you find a question that seems to be subjective keep reminding yourself that it might be an illusion. If you will observe closely then you might just find out that all the incorrect choices are incorrect for good reasons which can actually help you to find out the right answer.

3. Understand your mistakes: If you really want to achieve a good score on the SAT then it is important to understand your mistakes. You need to take out time to understand each mistake you make on your practice questions. Usually, the mistakes fall into one of the four categories; the content weakness, time pressure, question comprehension issue and the careless errors. Try to find out your area of weakness and work hard to improve on.

4. Design a concrete study plan: In order to succeed and achieve your target Study-Planscore, you need to have a perfect study plan. A perfect study plan means a personalized, step by step guide that will help you to get through the SAT exams and achieve your realistic goals.

Prepare well for your exams… Good Luck!

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