Top Reasons to Plan Your Undergrad Studies Abroad

Are you an undergrad planning to study abroad? Are you facing a dilemma to plan your higher studies abroad or in India? There are a lot of benefits of studying abroad. Apart from looking good on your CV, your foreign degree gives a lot more reasons to make you realize that studying abroad is totally worth it:

The Independent you
Pursuing an undergraduate program abroad not only gives you an opportunity to live in a completely different Image-51country but it also allows you to uproot yourself from the comfort of your home, making you independent and self-reliant. The life experience you will have after throwing yourself in a completely different environment will give you a better sense of who you are. It will break out your comfort zone and will make you independent to challenge yourself with the uncommon experiences of studying abroad.

The language and culture
Cultural sensitivity is something which you can develop while studying abroad! If you want to learn a language, you should get involved in a culture that speaks the language you are willing to learn. It is the fastest and simplest way to learn it. You will experience different food, will get a chance to celebrate traditional customs, and will learn the history of another country that can’t be taught with books.

Image-4-1Enhanced Income, Expanded Network
English is the international language of business and is accepted by most of the foreign countries. This important language gives you an opportunity to earn while you learn. You can earn money by doing jobs like teaching, interpreting or translating. Pursuing foreign education is an opportunity for you to meet people from different corners of the world leaving you with an extensive network of professionals strengthening your job hunt.

If you want do your undergrad abroad you need to start planning early. The experts at Manya-The Princeton Review say that if you’re planning for a standard engineering or medicine then you must have great high school scores and standardized test scores ( SAT, ACT,  TOEFL etc.) If you’re into any of the arts, make sure you specialize in that, and you would need to showcase a great portfolio. Manya–The Princeton Review helps you accomplish your study abroad dream by helping you in achieving your targeted test prep scores and assist you through the Profiling, University Selection and Admission Process.

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