Top Destinations to Study Abroad

Are you planning to pursue your higher studies abroad? Apart from USA, you also have other sought after Image-5aadestinations like Canada, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and France to explore for higher education. Canada and Singapore are amongst the preferred destinations and are considered one of the best for higher studies. Canada is a hub for aspiring Engineers, Businessmen and Animators whereas Singapore is best known to offer lower tuition fees in comparison to the West.


Image-2Canada is an apt destination to learn and have great career opportunities. Also, the tuition fees and cost of living is much lower than US and UK, and that makes it a preferred destination to study & work. The Co-op program offered by the country allows to study for the first six months and work for the subsequent six months. As you get trained and gain work experience during the course, finding a job in Canada becomes less challenging. If you are an International Graduate, you get a three-year open work permit which allows you to work for any employer in any industry. Therefore, you are not required to have a Canadian job offer at the time of applying for the permit.

Top courses: Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management and Hospitality Management
Tuition fee: Average tuition fees for international undergraduate students – CA$14,000 (~US$10,730) per year.
Approximate Budget: An average of CA$6,000 (~US$4,534) per year for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


If you are looking for a global exposure, Singapore is the right place for you. Ranked 8th in the INSEAD Global Image-6Innovation Index, Singapore is a major hub for Banking and Finance. Singaporean qualifications are recognized by both Indian and International MNC’s which attracts a large number of Indian and foreign students to Singapore. Under the Tuition Grant Scheme, the international students are required to sign an agreement under which they are obliged to work for a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation. The city, approximately half in size of Delhi accommodates nearly 8000 MNC’s. It also provides a year to stay back and find a job.

Top courses: Business, Economics, and Administration; Engineering and Technology; and Humanities and Social Sciences.
Tuition fee: much lower than US and UK universities
Approximate Budget: $2,000 to $ 12,000 – monthly for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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